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    Chapter 17 – Quick Trip to New Haven

    Bette: Text Angie: Tell them to meet us at the hotel and go ahead and check in. Tell her to take a cab and we will be at the Omni Hotel. I think cabs take debit cards now.  I’ll replace what she spends. We will get together as quickly as we can.

    Tina:  That sounds good. Do we have reservations for dinner for tomorrow night?

    Bette:  No not yet. I was going to see what was available once I get to school.  We will have lunch with Jim and Dot and they will be on their own for dinner. We will have breakfast Friday and Saturday at the hotel.

    Tina:  Does Jim know this?

    Bette:  Yes, I told him that I wanted to have dinner with Angie and I thought it would be a good idea for Jim to have dinner with his wife without us. Angie can meet them at breakfast on Saturday morning.

    Tina: Well, Jim is accustomed to travelling. He’ll be fine.

    Bette:  I am giving him the use of the car. If we need any transportation, I’ll book us a car. Any expenses he incurs, he’ll be billing us anyway.

    Mary: Sounds like this is going to cost you a wad of money.

    Bette: Mom, it’s a necessary trip and this is the way Tina and I usually travel. The chartered plane is new, but the comfort and convenience are well worth it. And it’s not like we don’t have the money. We can travel in full comfort and not worry about it at this point. Thanks to Melvin.

    Tina: And even if we did not have Melvin’s money, we would still be traveling just like this.

    Mary:  I guess this is just something I am going to have to get use to.

    Bette:  I think that once you experience first class travel, you will find that your trip becomes more pleasant as you are more rested and you are more comfortable and more ready to do what you came on the trip to do in the first place.

    Mary: So, what exactly are you guys going to do?

    Bette: We are looking at a house to potentially buy for Angie to live in as long as she lives in New Haven. We have seen pictures and we like the layout. We like the location and the neighborhood seems good. But we need to see it in person. We will then make a deal or we will get the realtor to find us something else.

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