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    Chapter 19

    Chapter 19

    A few days later, Tina is in her office at the studio with her phone to her ear as she stands by her desk casting her eyes over various papers arranged on the desk surface. Several members of her staff are crowded in the room, each vying for her attention in some way – one stands beside her awaiting her assessment on the documents, another sits on a couch furiously typing away and another stands nearby also with a phone to their ear, periodically asking for Tina’s input into their discussion.

    Bette approaches the office and stands for a moment in the open doorway, taking in the chaotic scene. She smiles as she watches Tina as she effortlessly shifts her attention from one task to another and somehow manages to add an element of calm to the obvious stress of every other person in the room. Bette’s presence is noticed by one of the staffers.

    (Staffer) Can I help you with something?

    Tina looks to the doorway and frowns in surprise.

    (Tina) Bette

    Bette looks at her uncertainly.

    (Bette) Hi

    The staffer returns to their laptop and Bette and Tina look at each other for a moment before Tina’s attention is pulled by another one of her staff, leaning in the doorway and reminding her of an imminent meeting. Tina nods and holds her index finger up towards them as she picks up one of the documents on the table and hands it to the person standing alongside her. She shifts her gaze to Bette as she gathers the other papers together.

    (Tina) What are you doing here? Is everything OK?

    (Bette) Yes, it’s fine

    Bette again glances around the crowded room.

    (Bette) It’s obviously a terrible time

    Tina looks up at her and shrugs.

    (Tina) A bout of unexpected leave will do that. Was there something you needed from me?

    Bette takes a breath and continues to admire Tina’s impressive multi-tasking.

    (Bette) I’ve been trying to call you

    (Tina frowns) You didn’t get my email?

    (Bette) No, I got it

    Bette pauses and Tina again glances over at her.

    (Tina) Was there a problem with the schedule with Angie? It’s fine if it doesn’t suit you, we can work something else out. I just wanted to spend a bit more time with her this week

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    1. My recommendation is to call Tina’s assistant and schedule a 2 hour appointment around lunch time and bring lunch. Have the assistant put a fake name on the calendar and have the assistant hold all calls and no interruptions unless its life or death. Then just talk to her. Tell her what the past few weeks have been like. Win her back… bring her flowers,

      Bette needs to turn on the charm… do what she can. If that does not work, then Alice and Shane can just kidnap her and hold her hostage until she talks to Bette.

      That part of Tina is still in Tina. She has just buried it and with the right circumstances it can be revived.

      Great story… thank you.

    2. Great two chapters!

      Why is it that Bette has to do all the work? Sure, Tina claims not to remember the last weeks but still wasn’t she the one that cried a lot and wanted to change her relationship according to Alice, before Tina thought she lived in 2002?

      I find Tina to be rather cold to Bette. They need to sit together, alone and just talk. Hope Alice and Shane come up with a good plan and doesn’t make it worse.

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