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    Chapter 20

    Chapter 20

    Saturday evening, Alice is driving with Bette sitting alongside her in the passenger seat.

    (Bette) Alice would you please slow down?

    Alice rolls her eyes and continues on.

    (Bette) Do you know where you’re going? Where is this restaurant?

    (Alice) God you’re such a backseat driver, would you just relax?

    (Bette) Well I’m still not clear on why I couldn’t just meet you there

    Alice glances over at her.

    (Alice) Bette I’m trying to take you out for a nice dinner, take your mind off things, chauffeuring was supposed to be a nice touch

    (Bette sighs) Right

    They pull up at a set of traffic lights and Bette picks up her handbag and starts rifling through it. Alice looks over at her.

    (Alice) What are you looking for?

    (Bette sighs) My phone, can you call it?

    (Alice) Oh you know what, I borrowed it when we were at your place and I guess I left it there

    Bette frowns at her.

    (Bette) Why did you borrow it?

    (Alice) What do you need it for anyway?

    Bette looks at her suspiciously.

    (Bette) Are you up to something?

    (Alice) What? You’re fucking paranoid

    Alice looks straight ahead and Bette continues to watch her.

    (Bette) The only reason I’m not worried about some sort of ambush here is because I spoke with Shane earlier and she’s out with Tina tonight

    Alice looks over at her and smiles.

    (Alice smiles) You see? What are you stressed about then?

    Bette sighs and looks around.

    (Bette) Well, we are suspiciously close to her house

    They drive on and Alice eventually turns into Tina’s street, and Bette shakes her head as they pull up in front of her house. She turns to Alice.

    (Bette) Finally managed to get Shane involved in one of your schemes did you? I’d be impressed if I wasn’t so fucking furious with you

    Alice shrugs and smiles.

    (Bette) So what’s the plan here?

    (Alice) No plan beyond getting you here. Tina’s having everyone over for dinner

    (Bette frowns) Everyone does not include me Al

    (Alice) Don’t be silly, the more the merrier

    Alice hits her on the leg as she gets out of the car.

    Bette opens the door and gets out as well, standing by the open door and calling out to Alice as she walks towards the front door.

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    1. Ahhh a new update and I’m out at the moment so can’t completely read it but Tina remembers and she knew Bette would know ahh they read each other so perfectly soulmates but they are truly the sweetest ahh I can’t wait for more every time I see there’s an update I feel so much happiness

    2. All right! Tina remembers… that is a start for these two. Cannot wait for this conversation…. And congratulations to Shane and Alice for a successful venture in getting these two together with all the gang.

      Time to take some big steps now Bette and Tina… time to put away the past and work toward the future….

      Thanks for this chapter…. look forward to more.

    3. I knew it! Tina does remember the last few weeks.

      Well done Alice and Shane for getting them in the same room, nothing better than to have a nice dinner with both their friends.

      Let’s the talk begin.

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