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    Chapter 2

    She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Eric open the door and speak

    “I got your keycard….The clerk said some woman had just returned it before I came down” he said handing it to her

    Tina lifted her head from her hands and sighed.  She knew it had to have been Bette. She takes it giving him a small smile

    “Thanks” she said as her voice was giving away her exhaustion

    Eric nodded and sat down on the couch beside her in silence.  He knew her well enough to know to wait for her to speak.  To not question her when she was in this state for fear his head would be bitten off…She had been like this since she moved back home after her accident.  She was different. Not the Tina he remembered.

    They had met at Stanford and dated all throughout their time there..Upon graduating Eric had taken an executive job in his Father’s global finance company and would be based at the company’s London office.  Tina had taken a job with Electra Entertainment based in Los Angeles and would be working as a Junior agent scouting talented actor and actresses for the agency.  It was the end of their whirlwind romance and they both mutually agreed to end their relationship as neither could keep up with the demands of a long distance relationship.

    When Eric heard about Tina’s accident and that she had returned back home to San Francisco he reached out to her and found that his feelings for the blonde were still very much there.  He transferred back to the main headquarters in San Francisco to be near her.  However, after repeated attempts to rekindle what they had she would completely rebuff him stating she just wasn’t ready.  But Eric was patient and focused on being there for her as a friend and little by little he was cracking her exterior and had been making progress with her romantically here in Cancun…Now he wondered what had her so upset and if she would tell him.  He didn’t have to wait long as he felt his heart sink upon hearing a name that was a wedge in his quest for Tina’s heart even though she didn’t realize it.


    1. Yikes! Tina heard a voice calling from Bette’s showr and must not have recognized Alice’s voice. She thought she was crashing Bette’s private party.

      So in her fears, she bolted!! Uuugh

    2. Oh man… Tina is an emotional mess. Tina is not thinking logically at all. Tina dear… its been three years since your accident and Bette let you go. You have gone on with your life and she has bound to go on with her life. So, being in Mexico, she’s bound not to be there alone. Yes, this voice could be a lover or a friend. And you came to Bette’s room to talk to her…. if its not a convenient time for Bette, arrange another time and place or whatever; Just talk to her. Running off like a scared rabbit only makes a conversation more difficult.

      Good story…. keep it going.

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