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    Chapter 2

    “Eric..I saw Bette.  She’s here”

    Eric sighed  and grabbed Tina’s hand for support and maybe for some support of his own.  But Bette Porter had been an enigma this whole time.  Even though Tina couldn’t remember anything about her or their relationship she was the sole reason Tina couldn’t commit to Eric or anyone else.  Not that Tina came right out and told him.  She never talked about Bette at all.  Not while she was awake anyway.  The first time was when Tina had fallen asleep on the sofa while they were cuddled up watching TV.

    2 years ago

    Eric smiled turning off the TV as Tina was snuggled up into his chest.  He didn’t dare wake the blonde as he laid slowly back against the arm rest pulling Tina down with him.  She stirred slightly but didn’t wake.  Eric placed a light kiss on top of her head.


    It was faint but Eric heard it and he immediately tensed up underneath her

    “Bette..I love you”

    Eric was flabbergasted.  Was Tina remembering?..She had never mentioned Bette at all since they had reconnected after her accident.  It was always a possibility she would remember and when that happened he knew he would lose her..

    “Regresaré a ti” she barely whispered and started to stir against his chest

    Spanish?  Eric knew Tina didn’t speak Spanish. And what did she say.  Eric sighed staring up at the ceiling repeating the Spanish words Tina had spoken. He was conflicted.  Part of him wanted Tina to remember and then the selfish part of him didn’t.  He hated himself for feeling that way.

    “Mmmph..Eric” Tina groggily said as she lazily lifted her head “What time is it?”

    He glance at the digital clock on the entertainment center


    Tina groans “I better go” she says pushing herself out of Eric’s grip

    Eric held on to her arm “Don’t go.  Stay here…You can have my bed..I’ll sleep here on the couch”

    She shook her head and rubbed her eyes

    “Thanks but no…I have too much to do tomorrow and a flight to catch tomorrow evening”

    Eric sighed as he watched Tina sit up and run her fingers through her hair.  It was apparent Tina didn’t remember anything she may have been dreaming about or that she was talking in her sleep and he wasn’t about to mention it to her. No…He decided right then and there to withhold that information.  Tina didn’t need to be confused when she clearly didn’t remember anything about her ex fiancé or their life together. It was for her own good.  Right?


    1. Yikes! Tina heard a voice calling from Bette’s showr and must not have recognized Alice’s voice. She thought she was crashing Bette’s private party.

      So in her fears, she bolted!! Uuugh

    2. Oh man… Tina is an emotional mess. Tina is not thinking logically at all. Tina dear… its been three years since your accident and Bette let you go. You have gone on with your life and she has bound to go on with her life. So, being in Mexico, she’s bound not to be there alone. Yes, this voice could be a lover or a friend. And you came to Bette’s room to talk to her…. if its not a convenient time for Bette, arrange another time and place or whatever; Just talk to her. Running off like a scared rabbit only makes a conversation more difficult.

      Good story…. keep it going.

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