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    Chapter 3 – The Gift

    Alice watched Tina’s hand knead Angie’s dress shirt into crumples. She gently tried to take the shirt out of Tina’s hands before the blouse would have to be steamed again. Tina huffed more jumbled words when Angie interrupted.

    “Oh yeah, I invited Bella. She will be here soon too.”

    Tina felt sweat starting to bead over her lip and unbuttoned another button to keep herself from anxiously sweating through her top again. “You did what? We can’t just invite people after the count, Angie. When were you going to tell us? Where is she going to sit? And what about Tess?”

    “You told me to invite her.” Tina’s face reddened turning from her daughter.

    “Bette! Where is your moth- Bette!”

    “Mom, it’s fine.” Alice and Angie shared an oh shit look when Tina started to ramble incoherently. The only thing they understood was when she yelled for Bette.

    “Baby! Bette!”


    “Why the heck is it so hot in here?”

    Bette walked back into the room to see Tina fanning herself with the large glass doors. She looked at Angie and Alice who both looked scared to move away from the makeup table.
    “T, were you calling me?”

    “Yes! Did you know that Tess AND Bella were coming today?”

    Alice slid sideways towards the front door as the pitch in Tina’s voice started to get higher.

    “You know what, I’m going to go get dressed. Day’s going fast. I will see you all soon. Angie, you’re getting ready here, right?” She continued in a whisper, ”Do not leave them alone.”

    “Tina, it’s ok. It’s just two people, and Tess is…” Bette thought better before continuing that thought when she saw the blonde’s head whip around. “Come here, come sit down.”
    Bette guided Tina to a chair and rubbed her shoulders as she plopped down. “Relax ok? It’s going to be fine.”

    Tina took a few deep breaths as she stared into Bette’s soothing eyes. She nodded as she caught her breath, eased by the gentle caress of Bette’s hands from her neck down her arms.

    “Just relax, T.” Bette smiled watching Tina’s frenzy slowly subside, the creamy softness returning to her cheeks, and the golden specs back to sparkling in the hazel orbs. After twenty-five years, Bette could tell the intensity level of her wife’s mood based on the shade of her lovely face.


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