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    Chapter 3 – The Gift

    Angie noticed the effect Bette had on her mother and how it seemed their roles had reversed lately. Bette was now the calming force for them all.

    “Ok?” Bette rested her hands on Tina’s shoulders. “I love you.” Bette leaned down and placed a quick peck on Tina’s lips, and a finger to her dimpled chin.

    Tina nodded and looked up seeking another smooch. “Love.”

    Bette cupped Tina’s face and gazed at her adoringly when she thought Tina was finally calm. She was never surprised by the silent conversations they could have while only looking at each other. When Tina closed her eyes and leaned her face into the palm of Bette’s hand, the slight lines at the corners of her eyes eyes creased. Bette bent down and kissed the edge of blonde hair, brushing her lips over Tina’s eyelid to her nose before parting her lips with her own.

    “You’re so beautiful.”

    “Even when I’m crazy?” Tina released a throaty chuckle as she put her mouth against Bette’s.
    A different heat rose in Tina now. She licked her lips before biting the tip of Bette’s thumb when Bette let her thumb run down her wife’s cheek.

    Angie took advantage of her moms’ distraction in each other and downed the remainders of Shane’s and Alice’s mimosas. Not enough alcohol for this.

    “Ahem. Hellooo daughter still in the room.”

    “Sorry Ang.” Bette hummed as she tried to straighten up but Tina was holding her head close, still trying to kiss her. “T. Why don’t we give Angie her gift?” Bette gently grabbed Tina’s wrists and pulled them away from her face. “Want to give Angie her gift now?” Bette nodded at Tina, trying to break her wife’s lustful trance.

    “Hmm babe?” Tina felt as if her emotions were victim to a free falling elevator.

    “Guys, you got me a gift? But it’s your wedding day.”

    “Oh your gift!” Tina jumped up with an excited grin radiating from ear to ear. “I’ll get it babe!”

    Wow, Angie mouthed to her other mother. Bette just shrugged and pinched her lips into a closed smirk.

    “Can I have your mimosa?” Angie thought it was a good time to ask if she’d be allowed to drink for the special occasion.

    “Let’s not cause T any more undue stress today, Angelica. Please.”


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