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    Chapter 37 – Daniel’s Weekend    

    Bette:  You left me in bed, again!

    Tina:  I tried to wake you but you were sound asleep. I knew you would find me when you were ready to get up.

    Bette (holding Tina closely):  I missed you….

    Tina:  We have been apart, what an hour?  I’m here now… so did you get enough sleep?

    Bette:  I slept wonderfully.

    Tina:  Well, I owed you a little attention and I was in the mood. And you were too.

    Bette:  You are so sweet… so loving.  Hey, where are you going?  I just got here.

    Tina:  I have been swimming for a while. I need to get out and start our Saturday chores. We are going over the Wilkins’ tonight and we will be at Disneyland tomorrow, so we need to prepare for our upcoming week.

    Bette:  Okay, I’ll get my swim done and then I’ll come help you with the chores.

    Tina then put on her robe and proceeded into the house. She took her clothes and went to the media room bath and proceeded to shower and dress. She then went and started breakfast. She called Daniel on his cell to see if he wanted to join them and he said he would.

    Bette and Tina began to discuss the evening meals for the coming week. Tina asked Bette to prepare her chicken tetrazine casserole. She would have a spaghetti night, a Sheppard’s pie night, and a salmon night. Friday and Saturday, they would leave open and they hoped by Sunday night, they would be in their Santa Monica home. Since they would have John David with them tomorrow, they would have dinner at one of the nicer restaurants at the park.

    Tina:  You need to text John David that he needs to complete all his home work today as we will be late getting him home tomorrow evening.

    Daniel:  We have discussed that and we are both working on it this morning. He is really excited about us coming to dinner tonight. He wants me to meet his parents and his older brother.

    Bette: Well, we want to meet them too. Okay, your mom and I are going to be doing laundry and doing some cooking for the week so we can handle dinner easier in the next week. So, you are pretty much on your own. If you need anything, we are here.

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