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    Chapter 37 – Daniel’s Weekend    

    Daniel:  Can I help with the cooking?

    Bette:  Do you really want to?

    Daniel:  Yeah, I do. I’m almost finished with my homework and I need to straighten up my room a bit, but I would love to help in the kitchen.

    Bette:  Okay, when you come down for lunch, be ready to spend a couple of hours in the kitchen. We could always use some assistance with the vegetable chopping. Oh, and bring your sheets and dirty laundry. We can work on that while we are cooking. There are some clean sheets in your linen closet.

    Daniel:  I changed those this morning. And I got most of laundry done early.

    Tina:  Have you picked out a room for John David and made sure everything is ready for him tonight. Plenty of clean towels, body soaps, toilet tissue and a guest bath kit if he needs it?

    Daniel:  No, I’ll do that right after breakfast.

    Tina:  All the guest rooms should be in good shape, but you need to check to be sure. You two are going to want to get to bed at a reasonable hour as tomorrow, you will be on the go all day.

    Daniel:  Yeah, I’m excited. Thanks for doing this.

    Bette:  This is going to be a new experience for us as we have not been to Disneyland in many years. We always let Kit and Sonny take Angie when we lived here before. She was what about 5 or 6 years old.

    Tina:  I think you and I went the first year we were together. That’s what about 20 plus years ago?

    Bette:  Yeah, something like that. Gosh just think how many Presidents we have had since then?

    Daniel: So why would that matter?

    Tina:  Well, in Disney World they have an exhibit which is known as The Hall of Presidents. They have live manikins which resemble the Presidents. So, they would have made a lot of additions.  In Disneyland they have Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. They also have attractions featuring the Indiana Jones story, a Star Wars base, a tree house which is a replica of Tarzan, a pirate ship, a mono rail, and a jungle cruise.

    Daniel: Well, we gotta see that. Where is Disney World Mom?

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