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    Chapter 41 – Nice Visual

    “Let’s take it back to that first bass line, Tayo, but slow it down a little bit. The tempo is off I think.” He said through the computer.

    “Hold up, Angus. Bette just got home.” Alice said.

    “Oh hey, Little P!” He said

    “What’s up Angus? You guys working on new material or what?” Bette asked as she looked around.

    “Yep. I think Angus has been working on it since we got back from Malibu,” Shane explained.

    “That’s great!” Bette said, proud of her friends for being so committed.

    “Kit’s writin’ up some lyrics right now, but I played around with some new riffs that I thought we could probably have ready for the show at Belly Up.” Angus was all smiles. His excitement was contagious.

    “Alright, well, I’ll let you guys get back to it. I’m off to bed. Goodnight, everyone.”

    Alice immediately knew something was up as she watched Bette turn around.

    “Goodnight!” everyone said except Alice.

    “Wait one second. Little Porter!” her voice was dripping with accusation.

    Bette stopped, and turned back towards the band. She looked at Alice expectantly.

    “Where’ve you been?”

    The annoyance was written all over the brunette’s face.

    “Al, don’t start, come on.” Carmen said as she attempted to get her bandmate’s head back in the game.

    “I’ve been out, Alice. And now, I’m going in. See you tomorrow.” Without waiting for a response, she opened the side gate to her backyard and stepped inside.

    “Yeah, whatever. I’ll find out sooner or later. Don’t forget Sunday Funday brunch!” Alice called out to her neighbor.

    Fuck, Bette thought. She had forgotten that when she dropped off the girls before heading to the office that she and the band had made plans to fully discuss Jodi’s proposal and their upcoming gigs over brunch at the Planet tomorrow at 11:00.

    There was no way she could cancel her lunch plans with Tina after the amazing time they had together, but the band was her responsibility. They had an important decision to make and she wanted them to make it together.

    She walked into her bedroom and shed the evening’s attire as she tried to figure out how to resolve her apparent scheduling conflict. Slipping into a pair of silk pajamas, she took her iPhone out of her purse and unlocked the screen. The sexy photo of Tina made her sigh dreamily.

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    1. Bummer, my comment got not through😐

      I wish you a Happy New Year MeLL!!!

      Love the interaction between Bette and Tina, they are both honest about what they want.

      Please relax and enjoy your birthmonth!!!

    2. New chapters! Yeah! Thanks MeLL :-) And happy New Year to you too. Take it easy with the hangover. Birth month? Congrats! So you’re partying throughout January? Nice concept…have to keep that in mind ’til April ;-P

      I have an early day tomorrow so I’m off to bed (it’s 11 pm over here) and won’t comment on your postings today.
      See you tomorrow and take care

      • Several of my friends and I have birthdays over the next few weeks. We used to call it birthweeks, but have just upped the game to birthmonth. My liver will hate me by the time it gets a reprieve on Ash Wednesday. 😜

        And yes, you should party the entire month of April. We celebrate a little thing called 420 over here around that time. I’ll let you Google it. 😎

        • LOL, 420… haven’t heard of it until now. Have to keep that in mind.
          So I’ll start April, take a run-up to Good Friday aka Bday and then end with a full blast 420 the next day. :-D Besides, several of my friends share my birthmonth too, I guess I’m going to let them Google 420 as well 😎

          Anyway… nice chapter, MeLL! The phone conversation is great. Oh, to be newly in love again…

        • I don’t have choise)

          I’m not from US and start to watch your football (our football it’s soccer for you) only because in serial “House M.D.” some of his co-worker in one of episodes mentioned something like – “Working after House it’s like go and playing on field after Brady”. So, i decided to watch – who is this Brady?

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