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    Chapter 41 – Nice Visual

    Do I call her or text her? She weighed her options. If I call, it makes me seem overeager, but if I text it makes me seem like I’m too chicken to talk to her about rescheduling.

    Deciding to err on the side of caution, she accessed Tina’s contact info.



    Tina’s House

    Basking in the afterglow of yet another self-induced orgasm, Tina was sprawled out, naked and sweaty atop her king size bed. “Mmmmm,” she vocalized into a sigh as her breathing began to return to normal.

    Her eyes were closed when she heard the soft buzz of her cell phone against the surface of her dresser. Tina bolted upright and ran the short distance to the dresser to grab the phone. She smiled at her intuition when she saw the caller ID.

    “Miss me already?” she answered with a smirk.

    The soft, low chuckle on the other end made her shiver with desire.

    “Probably about as much as you miss me,” Bette responded. “Whatever happened to ‘hello’ as a greeting when answering the phone?” she teased the blonde.

    “Caller ID happened.” Tina lowered herself back on to her bed, still damp from her recent orgasm.

    “Would you believe me if I told you I just wanted to hear your voice before falling asleep?”

    Tina rolled her eyes. “You do realize that any attempts at seducing me are now pointless since you left me hanging on my front porch, right?”

    “Who said it was an attempt at seduction?”

    “Is that really why you called?”

    Bette was now lying on her back on her own bed. “It’s part of it.”

    “And what was the other part?” Tina asked in a low husky voice that effectively caused a physical reaction in Bette.

    “The other part…” Bette whispered. “…is to tell you…that you make me forget about everything else when I’m with you.” The sincerity and vulnerability of Bette’s statement made Tina’s heart flutter. Bette continued. “Which really sucks…because I forgot that I promised the band we would do brunch at the Planet tomorrow at 11, but I really don’t want to cancel on you.”

    Tina smiled. She could hear the struggle in Bette’s voice and it made her want to reach through the phone and comfort her.

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    1. Bummer, my comment got not through😐

      I wish you a Happy New Year MeLL!!!

      Love the interaction between Bette and Tina, they are both honest about what they want.

      Please relax and enjoy your birthmonth!!!

    2. New chapters! Yeah! Thanks MeLL :-) And happy New Year to you too. Take it easy with the hangover. Birth month? Congrats! So you’re partying throughout January? Nice concept…have to keep that in mind ’til April ;-P

      I have an early day tomorrow so I’m off to bed (it’s 11 pm over here) and won’t comment on your postings today.
      See you tomorrow and take care

      • Several of my friends and I have birthdays over the next few weeks. We used to call it birthweeks, but have just upped the game to birthmonth. My liver will hate me by the time it gets a reprieve on Ash Wednesday. 😜

        And yes, you should party the entire month of April. We celebrate a little thing called 420 over here around that time. I’ll let you Google it. 😎

        • LOL, 420… haven’t heard of it until now. Have to keep that in mind.
          So I’ll start April, take a run-up to Good Friday aka Bday and then end with a full blast 420 the next day. :-D Besides, several of my friends share my birthmonth too, I guess I’m going to let them Google 420 as well 😎

          Anyway… nice chapter, MeLL! The phone conversation is great. Oh, to be newly in love again…

        • I don’t have choise)

          I’m not from US and start to watch your football (our football it’s soccer for you) only because in serial “House M.D.” some of his co-worker in one of episodes mentioned something like – “Working after House it’s like go and playing on field after Brady”. So, i decided to watch – who is this Brady?

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