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    Chapter 41 – Nice Visual

    “Bette, it’s okay. I understand. Have brunch with the band. I’m not going anywhere so we can do it some other time.”

    Bette sighed. The fact that Tina was being so cool about it made her like her just a little bit more. But the thought that perhaps she wouldn’t get to see Tina tomorrow was not something she was prepared to accept.

    Without even thinking about it, she spoke again. “Why don’t you meet up with us?” Then, as if realizing what she had done, the brunette twisted her face into a grimace and she smacked her own forehead for not considering the consequences of her invitation. She could already see the 20 question interrogation from Alice.

    Tina was also momentarily stunned by the brunette’s suggestion. “Are you sure, Bette?”

    She’s giving you an out, Porter.  “Of course I’m sure.”  What?! Have you gone mad?

    Hearing the certainty in Bette’s tone made her decision for her.

    “Yeah, okay. I’ll umm, give you guys a little time to conduct business, so I can be there around 11:45?”

    “That sounds perfect.”

    A moment of silence was shared as both of them tried to stall the end of the conversation.

    “I really wish you would have stayed.” Tina confessed quietly.

    “Me too.”

    “You want to come back over?” the blonde tempted with a giggle.

    “Yes.” Bette admitted. “But I’m afraid I’m already dressed for bed and lying in it.”

    “Ooooh. Nice visual.” Tina purred. “What exactly are you wearing?” she asked as she squirmed in her own bed.

    Bette was smirking on the other line, knowing precisely where this conversation was leading them.

    “Blue silk pajamas. Long sleeve button up and pants.” She answered as she stroked the silk of the bottoms on the inside of her thigh.

    “Silk? That must feel really good against your skin.” Tina knew where the conversation was going too, and she had no problem going for orgasm number five while Bette was in earshot. She began toying with her nipple which was still hardened from the previous solo session.

    “It does feel good. But I think you’d feel better.”

    “I’d feel better where?”

    “Against my skin.”

    Tina inhaled sharply as she pinched her nipple at the same time Bette spoke.

    “Fuck,” she whispered breathlessly but loud enough for Bette to catch through the phone.

    “What are you doing over there?” Bette asked, her voice slightly teasing the blonde knowing full well that the condition she had left the blonde in was now enhanced tenfold.

    “Come back over here and find out.” She whispered.

    “You’re very persistent aren’t you?”

    “It’s how I get what I want.”

    “Tell me what else you want then.”

    Tina bit her lip and stilled her hand. Do I really want our first sexual experience to be over the phone? She sighed again, thinking about the answer to her own question.

    “Tina, you still there?”

    “Yeah, I’m here.” Tina said after clearing her throat. It felt like they were engaged in some sadistic push-me/pull-me game that was agonizing. “I really want to see you tomorrow. I’m going to try to get some sleep so it will pass the time away faster.”

    Bette couldn’t say that she was surprised at Tina’s reluctance to go any further in their sexually-charged phone call. She submitted to end of the conversation.

    “Okay, sure. I’ll see you tomorrow at the Planet then. Sleep well.”

    “You too.”


    “Goodnight, Bette.”


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    1. Bummer, my comment got not through😐

      I wish you a Happy New Year MeLL!!!

      Love the interaction between Bette and Tina, they are both honest about what they want.

      Please relax and enjoy your birthmonth!!!

    2. New chapters! Yeah! Thanks MeLL :-) And happy New Year to you too. Take it easy with the hangover. Birth month? Congrats! So you’re partying throughout January? Nice concept…have to keep that in mind ’til April ;-P

      I have an early day tomorrow so I’m off to bed (it’s 11 pm over here) and won’t comment on your postings today.
      See you tomorrow and take care

      • Several of my friends and I have birthdays over the next few weeks. We used to call it birthweeks, but have just upped the game to birthmonth. My liver will hate me by the time it gets a reprieve on Ash Wednesday. 😜

        And yes, you should party the entire month of April. We celebrate a little thing called 420 over here around that time. I’ll let you Google it. 😎

        • LOL, 420… haven’t heard of it until now. Have to keep that in mind.
          So I’ll start April, take a run-up to Good Friday aka Bday and then end with a full blast 420 the next day. :-D Besides, several of my friends share my birthmonth too, I guess I’m going to let them Google 420 as well 😎

          Anyway… nice chapter, MeLL! The phone conversation is great. Oh, to be newly in love again…

        • I don’t have choise)

          I’m not from US and start to watch your football (our football it’s soccer for you) only because in serial “House M.D.” some of his co-worker in one of episodes mentioned something like – “Working after House it’s like go and playing on field after Brady”. So, i decided to watch – who is this Brady?

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