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    Chapter 42 – Girrrrrl, You Got It Baaaaad!

    “It was the best non-date, date I’ve ever had Dana.”

    “Non-date, date? What the hell does that mean?”

    Tina rolled her eyes and sighed. “She said it wasn’t a first date, but, rather, an ‘obligatory repentance’ for how shitty she was to me Friday night.”

    “Obligatory repentance?” Dana repeated as Tina nodded. “Who says that?”

    “Apparently, Bette Porter,” Tina replied. “Anyway, regardless of what she or anyone else wants to call it, I had a blast. First, she let me drive her car, a sweetass black Cadillac CTS-V, which is like her baby. She’s never let anyone drive it before, and I can totally tell because she was, like, so nervous in the passenger seat. She took me to one of those starlight dinner cruise things out at the harbor.”

    “Awww, so cute! If that’s not a date, then I don’t know what is.”

    “I know, right? Anyway, since it was her repentance, I didn’t let her ask me a single question or tell her anything about myself because, you know, she had to make it up to me, right?”

    “Right, right.”

    “Not to mention she knows way more about me anyway and I know, like, nothing about her. So she tells me where she works, where she went to school, about her last girlfriend, how long she’s known the band, who her dad was…” Tina was talking a mile a minute but Dana kept up with her at every turn. “So after dinner, we danced on the top deck and it seemed like she was really unsure about getting too close to me. Of course, I have to make the first move, and I do so that maybe she’ll try to loosen up a bit. When we finally get to a place where we’re both comfortable enough to touch each other in a more-than-friendly kind of way, we’ve already docked and it’s time to go.”


    “I know. Then afterwards, I drove her car back to my place and we totally made out for like five minutes on my front step. It was so hot freaking hot, Dane. I totally would have given it up to her last night. I don’t think any guy I’ve ever been with has made me feel so desired or so ready to just jump into bed with them like I felt last night. Is this how it feels to be with a girl, or am I just blinded by lust here?”

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    1. I love these two types of girl talk. Tina and Dana are like teenage girls in highschool who chat about their first crush. Bette and Kit with their sisterly talk with changing dynamics. Both would have made some great scenes on TV.
      Thanks, MeLL for posting.

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