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    Chapter 42 – Girrrrrl, You Got It Baaaaad!

    Dana laughs at Tina’s question.

    “You’re so cute, T. I don’t think that’s how everyone feels to be with a girl. It sounds like maybe you found your soulmate or something.”

    Tina scoffed. “Yeah right, I don’t even believe in that shit. There’s just something about her that I just….mmmmm…I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.”

    “So you said you would’ve given it up? How did you guys leave things last night?”

    “Well, I invited her in and was shot down.”

    “No way! Even after all that hot dancing, kissing, just…nothing?”

    “Is there something wrong with me, Dane? Do you think she’s not into me?”

    “That’s impossible. How did you leave it!?”

    “I asked her to come inside and she said she wanted to, but she thought it was best that she should go. She said it wasn’t the right time and she wants to ‘know me first.’ Then invited me to lunch today.”

    “Wow, T. Sounds like she really likes you. I think maybe it was a good thing that you’re still a cherry in the eyes of the lesbian goddesses.”

    Tina laughed at Dana’s inane description. “You really think she likes me?”

    “Tina! If she wants to see you again, and didn’t take advantage of your sexual advances last night, then yes, she likes you. Come on, give yourself a little credit here. She thinks you’re incredibly gorgeous, remember?”

    Dana was right. She couldn’t deny it.

    “Did she say anything about Alice?”

    “Oh, Dana, will you break up with Tonya already!”



    The Planet

    Bette was all smiles when she walked into the Planet at 10:25. Kit was already seated at their regular table eyeing the menu when she looked up at her little sister.

    “Good morning!” Bette said.

    “Mmm-hmm, good mornin’ to you too.”

    Bette set her stuff down and sat across from Kit.

    “Did my Baby Sister get a little action last night or what?”

    “Not exactly.” Bette tried to contain the excitement that was apparent in her grin.

    “And what does that mean?” Kit set the menu down to get the skinny. Bette’s beam was somewhat contagious, and the older Porter was happy that her sister was in such a great mood.

    “I had a date last night.”

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    1. I love these two types of girl talk. Tina and Dana are like teenage girls in highschool who chat about their first crush. Bette and Kit with their sisterly talk with changing dynamics. Both would have made some great scenes on TV.
      Thanks, MeLL for posting.

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