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    Chapter 42 – Girrrrrl, You Got It Baaaaad!

    “Ok, so you did get some action last night?”

    “Nope, I turned her down.”

    “Bad date, huh?”

    “On the contrary, the date was phenomenal.”

    “Alright, you’re confusing me. Let’s get some coffee so you can de-mystify this old bag of bones.”

    After they placed their drink orders, Bette proceeded to tell Kit about her wonderful night out with the music executive.

    “So let me get this straight. You went out with a straight girl label exec that you met last week, got mad at her in front of us the night before last, opened up to her like you’ve never done with anyone else, ever, then turned her down when she was ready to sleep with you last night?”

    Bette just smiled behind her coffee cup.

    “Girrrrrl, you got it baaaaad!” Kit laughed.

    “Joke all you want, Kit. It’s so different with Tina.”

    “Need I remind you about the straight girl you fell for in college?”

    “No, you don’t. That’s why I didn’t stay at her place last night. I don’t know anything about her Kit. But I want to. That’s why it’s different. Plus, I don’t think she knows that I know she hasn’t been with a woman before.”

    “How do you know that anyway?”

    “Shane told me.”

    Kit laughed again. “And how does Shane know that? Wait, let me guess, because Shane’s never hooked up with her, right?”


    “I know, I know, I love Shane. But come on, do you really think Tina would have told Shane something like that?”

    Bette shook her head and closed her eyes, feeling for a split second that she had entered the Twilight Zone. “Do you hear yourself? Did we slip into some alternate universe where you’re all of a sudden the pessimistic realist, and I’m the over-the-moon optimist about a potential new relationship in my life? Jesus, Kit, I was hoping for at least a little support from the most important woman in my life.”

    “You’re right, you’re right. I’m sorry, Baby Girl. I just don’t want you getting hurt, that’s all. And I am so glad that you like this woman. Sounds like you two are gonna get along just fine. So, when are you gonna see her again?”

    Her smile returned as she looked at her watch to answer her sister. “She’ll be here in about an hour.”


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    1. I love these two types of girl talk. Tina and Dana are like teenage girls in highschool who chat about their first crush. Bette and Kit with their sisterly talk with changing dynamics. Both would have made some great scenes on TV.
      Thanks, MeLL for posting.

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