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    Chapter 45 – What Will I Be Eating?

    “Fuckin’ A.” he said with forceful nod of his head.

    Bette and Tina laughed at the wacky guitarists who shared initials. Bette looked at Tina and smiled shyly. “I’m so glad you came,” she said softly.

    “I’m so glad you invited me.” Tina smiled back. Bette leaned in for another kiss since she missed it the first time around, which Tina was happy to oblige.

    The sweet public display of affection was met with a tablewide “Aaaaaaawwwww!” Bette tried give the band and her sister the evil eye as she pulled away, though it was a difficult task to perform with the goofy grin she was wearing.

    Tina noticed everyone had half-eaten plates in front of them except the brunette sitting beside her. “Did you eat, Bette?”

    “No, I was waiting for you before putting in an order.” Tina thought it was sweet that Bette cared enough to wait for her. “Do you need a menu?”

    “Actually, I think I already know what I want, what about you?”

    “I always get the same thing when I come here.”

    “Yeah, she’s not very brave.” Alice chimed in again. Bette gave her a look. “I mean, she’s predictable.” This time the look was accompanied with raised brows. “I’m gonna shut up and finish eating my omelet.”

    “Good idea, Al.” Shane said as she chuckled. Tina chuckled as well.

    The waitress came by with a menu in hand after noticing Tina had joined the table. She immediately recognized Tina from a few days before.

    “Hello, decided to come back so soon, huh?” Tessa greeted with a smile. “Did you need to take a look at this or were you ready to order?”

    Tina looked up at the server and Bette took a moment to check out the blonde’s wonderfully toned and tanned legs in the cute denim skirt she was rockin’ today. “No we’re ready. I’ll take an iced tea with lemon and a Cobb salad please.”

    Once again, the table members stopped all activity and all eyes were on Bette and Tina. Bette’s sucked in a breath and held it for a minute as she looked wide-eyed at everyone else.

    Tessa scribbled the order on her notepad. “Okay. Did you need an iced tea refill Bette?” Tessa was familiar with Little Porter’s choice of entrée from what she had been told by the older wait staff.


    1. I remember this chapter being fun to write. I always enjoyed the scenes in the show where the whole gang was all involved. It was light and usually funny. One of my faves is the phone call scene at the beginning of S4E6. Good shit.

      • I’ve just caught up with this story and I’m with Amethyst: you are a wonderful writer 😊.
        This chapter was very funny to read and season four certainly had its moments too! I loved that phone call scene as the Charlie’s Angels opening (I think it was episode 2, season 4): hilarious!
        Thank you for re-writing this.

        • Aww, thanks BeeCharmer. Very cute handle, by the way.

          Yaaaasss! The Charlie’s Angels intro was hysterical. Despite the shitty way Season 3 went down, the beginning of the season had some funny moments when they were all sitting around at the Planet naming off all the different slang terms for vagina. And of course the group scenes in Lifecycle were also fun.

          I really miss this show. 😔

    2. I have a love hate relationship with you just so you know. The SUSPENSE is killing me, but it’s sooo good. I need more, im an addict without shame. Cannot wait for the next chapter 💜

      You’re a wonderful writer 📝🙃

    3. Thanks for the tip MeLL!!!

      I didn’t find it back. But i was logged in when i wrote the comment and after a few times of trying to comment i went back and saw i had to log in before i could comment. It seems the site logged me out at the same time i tried to send my comment.

      I love the scenes with the group together too, very funny indeed!

      For the rest of my comment, see the one above from Amethyst 😁

      • Yes, group scenes were always a good time.

        The site has been acting a bit wonky over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully there are some bug fixes that have been undertaken to correct them. Thanks for sticking with this story and also defending my honor at times. 💚

    4. Thanks for this ensemble of chapters, MeLL. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them.
      You did great with the back and forth between Bette/Alice, Alice/Tina, Alice/gang. I like how comfortable and confidend Tina is around Bette and the gang.

      When reading the phrase “I’ll get back to you”, I always have to think of the song Ring Ring (?) by De La Soul. At that time I wasn’t familiar with the expression but picked it up from the song and added it to my vocabulary. Education through music 😎

      Looking forward to the weekend and more post, enjoy your week,

      • “Hey, how you doin? Sorry I can’t get through.” 😁

        Since Friday is my birthday, this weekend is likely to be another rager so if I can remember, maybe I’ll post a drunken birthday chapter so you have a full day to read it on Saturday. No promises though.

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