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    Chapter 5 – Day Four at the Beach House

    Bette: Oh yea. There’s a huge wet spot on the bed!

    Tina:  Really? Well, it really was a big orgasm.  I lost complete control of everything. It was freaking fantastic.

    Bette:  It was my pleasure. Now do you want to nap?

    Tina:  Not before I give you an orgasm.

    Bette:  You don’t have to you know.

    Tina:  But I want you to have this feeling with me. I want to please you as much as you please me. I love you Bette, and I love your body. I love the way it responds to my touch. I love the fact that I am the only one who gets to touch and enjoy it. So why don’t you turn over and let me give you a back rub. Oh, and go ahead and spread those lovely legs.

    Bette:  Hm… How about you kiss me first?

    Tina leaned over and kissed Bette passionately and then began to massage her breasts. Bette reached for Tina’s breasts, and Tina grabbed her hands and placed them above her head.

    Tina: You cannot distract me. Keep your hands above your head. You may touch my head and hair only. I am going to pleasure you.

    Bette:  Okay…

    Tina then started over kissing Bette passionately and then kissing her breast and abdomen. Bette was making soft moans. Tina then went a toward her clit and labia, sucking and licking and causing Bette to moan is the most exotic fashion. She then instructed Bette to get on her stomach. She then kissed the back of Bette’s neck and kissed and licked her back down her spine to the small of her back. As she kissed the small of her back, Tina reached down though her butt cheeks to her clit and began to finger it and circle its. Bette was moaning again. She then slides two fingers into her vagina. She then began to trust at a moderate pace. With her free hand she began to massage Bette’s smooth anus. Bette’s breath and moans changed pitch. She then began to speed up her thrusting hitting her clitoris with her thumb with every stroke. She inserted the third finger into the vagina and penetrated Bette’s anus with here index finger on her other hand. This shocked to Bette’s body that it jolted into complete orgasm. She shuttered and jerked as she held onto the pillows with her fist. Bette was panting trying to catch her breath.  Tina moved to Bette’s side and pulled up the covers over her body. Bette’s eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply. It took several minutes before Bette’s eyes opened and her breathing still was heavy.

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