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    Chapter 5 – Day Four at the Beach House

    Bette:  Now let’s try that again.

    She got on top of Tina bush to bush and started to kiss her and nibble on her neck and ears. She was kneading Tina’s breast and Tina was moaning. Bette was moving her body so that their thighs, bush and abdomens were getting a full body massage.

    Bette: Is there anything you want in particular?

    Tina: Make me cum…do whatever just make me cum.

    Bette:  Okay, spread your legs and let me get down there and do a little inspection. I haven’t been down there in a while and I’m ready for a little taste.

    Bette proceeded to her breasts then down the happy trail to her bush and into the labia and clitoris. Bette licked and suck with vigor. Bette then plunged two fingers into Tina vagina and she let out a whipper.  Bette indicated that she should fold her knees and rest her feet on the bed. Bette maintaining her fingers in the vagina rolled over to the side of Tina and then began to thrust her fingers forcefully. She then slid in a third finger and felt her vagina begin to contract. Tina was moving her hips to meet each trust and moaning with each trust. Suddenly, a flood of liquid surrounded Bette fingers. Significantly more liquid than was normal. Tina was making loud noises of ecstasy. And then she went limp. Bette then removed her hand and notice that the liquid was sufficient to make a huge damp spot on the sheets. She then stretched Tina’s legs out so that she would be more relaxed.

    Bette: Tina, I believe that you had a serious orgasm. In fact, you my dear ejaculated on that orgasm, so I need to go get a towel for the wet spot. I won’t be gone long.

    Tina heard what Bette was saying but it was not registering. Soon Bette made Tina roll on her side while she placed the towel on the large wet spot. And then she allowed her to roll back and she pulled the covers up over Tina.

    Bette:  Do you want some more?

    Tina: No, I’m good. Did you say I ejaculated?

    Bette:  Yep, you did. That’s a first for you with me.

    Tina:  That’s a first for me period. Are you sure?

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