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    Chapter 6 – Drivers Licenses and Banks

    Bette said to Tina that she wished she had remembered to bring a book to read since they had no idea how long Angie would be before she emerged from her process. Dan on the other hand had his hand held I Pad and was accustomed to entertaining himself as he waited for his family to complete whatever errands they were on. Bette and Tina had checked and rechecked their emails and were getting somewhat bored with the wait. After forty-five minutes, Angie emerged all smiles with her temporary learner’s permit which would need to be signed by the Driver Education company when she began lessons.  She had done very well on her test with a 96% correct.  Bette and Tina congratulated her and they all headed out the door. It was now almost 10:00 am.

    Tina decided to head to the bank and proceed to open their new California bank accounts.  That process took a little over two hours.  They were promised that their debit cards, credit cards, check stock and other related matters would be mailed to their home address within ten days.  Tina reminded Bette that the home address was Helena’s residence.  Daniel and Angie were excited about getting their own debit card. And Bette promised to let them get some experience using them during the summer so that they would know how to handle them during the school year.

    Tina:  You know, we can let Dan pay for his lunches with the debit card and we wouldn’t have to make sure he had cash for his lunch at school.

    Bette:  That would be helpful to us. How about we go find some lunch for ourselves?

    Angie:  Good idea.  I’m starved.

    Daniel:  Yea, me too!

    Tina:  Got any place in mind?

    Bette:  Whatever looks good to you.  You’re driving. Just pick some place close.

    Tina:  Well, it’s almost 1:00 o’clock so most of the lunch crowd is clearing out, so that’s good.

    Tina picked out a place that looked like an upscale hamburger place.  The place was called American Pie. Tina pulled in and found a place to park and the family went in to have lunch. The family was quickly seated and ordered their food. Daniel was really pleased with his meal.  A cheeseburger and fries with ketchup.  Bette and Tina had opted for salad topped with chicken and Angie choose chicken fingers fries and cole slaw.

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