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    Chapter 6 – Drivers Licenses and Banks

    Bette feeling a little light headed:  I’m sorry honey, I should have monitored what I was drinking a little closer.

    Tina:  Honey, I was drinking the same amount. I was actually grateful to Helena for asking us to stay. I missed my nap this afternoon and I was not looking forward to the two-hour drive to Redondo Beach after a full meal and a few drinks and no nap at night. It’s all worked out fine.  We had a nice evening with Helena and Dylan.  The kids were fine and we are about to be safely in a bed with each other.

    Bette:  And that I am truly thankful for.  You want to shower first, or shall I?

    Tina:  Why don’t we get a quick shower together.  Let’s not wash our hair tonight.  I think it’s okay for tonight.

    Bette:  Good idea. Come on, I’ll start the shower up.

    Tina:  We need to take care of these clothes as we will be wearing them home tomorrow.

    Bette:  I may have to go commando tomorrow.

    Tina:  Well, it’s just for the ride home. Whatever you decide will be fine.

    Bette and Tina removed their clothes and hung them in the bathroom to absorb the steam to freshen them up.  The then quickly went into the shower and quickly lathered up in some soap that smelled like vanilla. They washed each other’s back and rinsed off and turned the water off. They quickly proceeded to brush their teeth and then dress in the clothes provide for them.  They were not the t-shirt and boxers but were spaghetti strap camisoles and ladies’ boxers. Both sets were in a beige color.

    Bette:  These must be from Helena’s wardrobe. They are really rather sexy.

    Tina:  Yes, they are. We have some just like them only in black and some in white.

    Bette:  Really? I don’t remember seeing them.

    Tina:  That’s because we usually go to bed sans pajamas.

    Bette:  That’s true. Well, since we are guest only for the night, we should be considerate guest and dress properly for bed.

    Tina:  Well, let’s get to bed. I need some cuddling.

    Bette:  Your wish is my command.

    They turned out the lights and cuddled into one another. The shower had relaxed them so that they were asleep in no time at all.

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