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    Chapter 7

    Chapter 7

    Tina’s office, the week of the New York state elections, Tina answers her cell.

    (Tina) Hey, it’s good to hear from you, I’m surprised you have a moment

    (Bette) I don’t really, but I wanted to say hi

    Tina smiles.

    (Tina) Is asking how your week is going a silly question?

    (Bette sighs) It’s just crazy. I’ve been asked to lend my support at basically every event running in the city. It’s nice not having the stress of actually being involved in the campaigns, but it still just never stops. I’m not even sure who it is I’m supporting half the time.

    Tina smiles.

    (Tina) Well I’m sure they appreciate it, your presence makes a big difference I’m sure.

    Bette rubs her forehead.

    (Bette) Hmmm, so I’m told. What about you? The coverage must be keeping you very busy.

    (Tina) It is, but it’s manageable.

    (Bette sighs) I wish I could see you.

    (Tina smiles) I know, me too. It’ll be over soon. And we’ll cross paths throughout the week.

    (Bette sighs) That doesn’t count. I wish I could fit something in, but between campaign events every night and press every morning I’m lucky to be in the front door before 1 and then I’m out again by 5. Between then I just collapse onto my bed. I actually woke up this morning with my handbag still on my shoulder.

    Tina laughs.

    (Tina) Well why don’t you come and collapse on my bed tonight? I can leave a key out, you could just let yourself in.

    Bette pauses for a moment and smiles.

    (Bette) Really? I’d be gone before you wake up

    (Tina) I know, I’d still like to have you there.

    Bette smiles.

    (Bette) Well ok then, I’ll do that


    That evening, Tina’s apartment. Bette lets herself in a little after 1am. She makes her way to the main bathroom, finding that Tina has left out a neatly organised bundle of supplies for her, with a towel and range of toiletries and products. Bette smiles to herself and readies herself for bed.

    Bette enters the bedroom quietly and can tell from Tina’s relaxed form and even breathing that she is fast asleep. Bette slips under the covers quietly, making sure not to wake her, and gently wraps an arm around her waist. She lies there for a moment, happily taking in the familiar scene before drifting off to sleep.

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    1. At this ungodly hour, I just want to say how I freaking love this well-written, sweet at times sad/bittersweet, fresh reimagination of our beloved Bette and Tina. (I’d insert a few heart❤/thumb’s up/clapping emojis here to amplify my comment but I don’t think they’ll be displayed.) Thank you so much for writing and sharing this to us, katynd! I really hope you’ll have the time and inspiration to keep this lovely story going. I promise to keep on reading even through the probable rough times ahead, in both godly and ungodly hours. Thanks again! Now I can go back to sleep…

    2. I read this beautiful addition to your story last night before going to bed. I so enjoy your ability to capture the love this couple shares and also the dilemma their relationship places them in. Thanks again, I will keep reading even late at night!

    3. I am in hopes that there will come a point when they do not have to hide. They can respond to each other naturally regardless of where they are. I want them to go to social events as a couple, to introduce themselves as a couple and to begin to shape a life together… its what they both want. That is indicated by the exchange of keys. Your not out shopping when your current lover could drop in at anytime without notice…. This is a huge step in that the no strings arrangement, now has a very big connection. So these two are into a new set of rules and expectations.

      I love how Bette and Tina always ask before they proceed. Tina granted Bette every night, any night access to her. These two are a couple, an exclusive couple… just not public.

      Excellent story… thank you. Keep writing when you can.

    4. Love your story!

      It’s well written! I do hope they can go public with their relationship in the future. They are cute together and there is progress, having each others keys!

    5. Ohhhh what a fun story! These two taking every chance to be 2gether wth page 4 being soTibette!!

      Tina: Bette,I need to concenrate..
      Bette: So concentrate
      Tina: You don’t have time for this
      Bette: I DON’T CARE.

      LOVE it !!!

      Ain’t gonna take much to send either one of these two over the edge of bliss

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