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    Chapter 8 – Coming for Pleasure, Not Business

    “Oh my God, I love this song!” Alice and Carmen screamed together. They both began singing along to the chorus of “Wonder Woman.”

    Bette rolled her eyes. “Please you guys, these girls have no talent whatsoever.”

    Shane laughed in agreement. “I don’t get their appeal either, Bette.”

    “Whatever. Gabby Deveaux is so hot!” Alice declared.

    “I think Papi is pretty fuckin’ sexy too.” Carmen added. Shane’s head snapped to her side regarding her girlfriend with a furrowed brow and half-opened mouth. “Not as sexy as you, baby.” Carmen reassured, leaning in to place a kiss on Shane’s open mouth.

    Bette just shook her head as the SUV turned into the club parking lot. Pulling up to the entrance, the Lyft driver stopped behind a black stretch limo.

    Alice paid the fare over the app on her phone and they hopped out of the ride. Bette was armed with about 50 flyers and looked around the lot. She looked at the line waiting to gain access to the club. Fuck, that’s a long ass line, she thought to herself. She could definitely feel the buzz from the shots she had taken earlier in the night.

    An unfamiliar gravitational pull was calling her to the front entrance. She resisted as her business acumen took over and she suggested to the girls, “Hey, there’s only about 30 or so cars parked out here, let’s paper their windshields before we head inside.”

    Handing a stack to each band member, she then headed toward the far end of the lot while her friends covered the area closest to them. After placing most of the flyers she had on the windshields of the cars along the aisle she had chosen, she spotted a shiny silver BMW in one of the last parking spots.

    Nice wheels, she thought as she walked around the vehicle admiring it before she had a chance to place the flyer underneath the wiper. The back windows were almost a limo tint, and the rims were clean. Alice’s voice broke the silent reverie the car had her in. She looked up and the other 4 were already standing in line to get in. Bette took the last flyer and stuck it in the driver side door where the window meets the rubber stripping.

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    1. Thanks for posting, MeLL! A nice way to end my weekend with your story.

      I like how Tina’s and Bette’s paths are starting to cross. Nice touch with the flyer on the BMW’s window.

      Can’t wait for the next scenes but as it’s 10 pm over here already I’m turning in for the night. Maybe I’ll find another chapter tomorrow after work – as a small afternoon delight ;-)


      • Kiwi!

        Sorry I posted so late for you to read the rest of the chapters. I got home a little late last night so I kind of got a late start to my day. I’m sure you will be very excited to see four more chapters for you to read now!

        Thanks for checking in.

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