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    Chapter 8 – Coming for Pleasure, Not Business

    “Tina, would you like to dance?” Helena asked as she took both her and Tina’s flutes and set them down on the small table of the VIP section.



    Inside a Lyft Plus

    “Bette, for the last time, you look fine!” Carmen said exasperated that Bette was checking her lipstick in the passenger mirror again.

    Startled, Bette flipped the visor back up and looked towards the backseat with a sheepish grin. “I wouldn’t be so self-conscious if you hadn’t made me shoot those three Jaeger Bombs before we left my house.”

    “Aw, come on Bette, we thought you needed a little encouragement to come out and play, that’s all.” Shane teased the beautiful brunette.

    Alice and Tayo had been making out in the very backseat of the SUV that had picked them up. When Alice pulled away, she looked to the front of the car and said, “Porter, you better thank me for putting that hot little ensemble together for you because tonight, you’re totally gonna have the girls lined up for you to take your pick.”

    Tayo smiled and slowly nodded her agreement before going back to kissing Alice’s neck.

    Bette couldn’t deny it. By allowing Alice to play dress up with her when they finally convinced her to go the club with them, her overeager friend managed to find a red satin brocade corset with a black lace overlay lined with eyelets that were hooked in the front. Bette had worn it one year for Halloween when she dressed like naughty Little Bo Peep. Alice insisted she put on a black satin, pleated mini skirt accented by black sheer thigh highs with red lace tops that barely peeked out from under her skirt. Bette chose a simple pair of three inch black high heels and a crystal fleur-de-lis charm on a black suede choker with matching earrings. Yup, for all intents and purposes tonight, she looked fucking hot. And the liquid courage the girls had cajoled her into consuming gave her the confidence she needed to approach an attractive woman at the bar, if necessary.

    Their Lyft driver was punching through the preset station buttons on the car stereo. The one he finally decided on just happened to be playing the number 8 single on the pop charts.

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    1. Thanks for posting, MeLL! A nice way to end my weekend with your story.

      I like how Tina’s and Bette’s paths are starting to cross. Nice touch with the flyer on the BMW’s window.

      Can’t wait for the next scenes but as it’s 10 pm over here already I’m turning in for the night. Maybe I’ll find another chapter tomorrow after work – as a small afternoon delight ;-)


      • Kiwi!

        Sorry I posted so late for you to read the rest of the chapters. I got home a little late last night so I kind of got a late start to my day. I’m sure you will be very excited to see four more chapters for you to read now!

        Thanks for checking in.

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