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    Chapter 8 – Coming for Pleasure, Not Business

    As she was making her way toward her friends, the limo driver had exited and opened the passenger door. Three women stepped out of the back of the vehicle. In chic ripped jeans and designer tops, the threesome slowly started to meander towards the front of the line.

    Alice gasped.

    “Holy shit, it’s Third Wheel Crush.” She whispered to her friends.

    “You’re fucking kidding, right?” Shane turned to look in the direction Alice peered at.

    No sooner did Shane get those words out that the front of the line began yelling the first names of the trio and some random woman ran up with Sharpie pens in one hand, exposed breast awaiting signature in the other.

    “So that’s what we have to look forward to when we have a massive groupie population, huh?” Shane queried to no one in particular. Carmen playfully pinched Shane’s side making the thin dark-haired woman jump at the contact. “Ouch!”

    After whispering something to the gatekeeper of the club who was armed with a clipboard, the three women slipped into the club with no resistance.

    Again, Bette felt a powerful draw. She knew if they stayed in line, it would be another hour or so before they actually got in the door.

    “I’ll be right back guys.” Bette sauntered up to the front of the line with her tiny strapped purse at her side, turning heads in line every step of the way.

    She flashed her million dollar smile at the clipboard holding woman wearing a headset. This woman knew the power she wielded as the club’s bouncer, but she was no match for the Bette Porter charm. Clearing her throat and glancing at the name tag above the woman’s left breast, Bette got her attention.

    “Hi, excuse me, Candace?”

    She was met with a silent stare.

    “Hey, listen my friends and I,” Bette paused to turn and make sure her friends were still where she left them as she acknowledged them, while the doorgirl took advantage of the opportunity to fully appreciate the view in front of her in such a sexy outfit. “aren’t too keen on the whole waiting in line thing since it cuts into our drinking time. Which means lost revenue for this fine establishment you work for. So, I’ve got a proposition for you that might solve all of our problems.” She smiled again as she stepped closer to the woman.

    “And what problems might those be?” asked Candace.

    Pulling at the clipboard slightly as if to look at the names, Bette discreetly placed three folded $100 bills on it. “Problems that, say, can be long forgotten with a little help from three of my friends named Ben?”

    Candace regarded the bills before returning her attention to Bette.

    “And what did you say your name was again?”

    Another smile crept up on Bette’s face. “Porter. Bette Porter.”

    “Bette Porter…hmm, looks like your friend Ben put you down on the list here with,” looking back over to where Bette’s friends were watching the events unfold, “plus 4. You ladies can come on in.”

    “Thank you so very much, Candace. Maybe I’ll see you inside shortly.” Bette winked at her as she motioned for her friends to enter the club.



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    1. Thanks for posting, MeLL! A nice way to end my weekend with your story.

      I like how Tina’s and Bette’s paths are starting to cross. Nice touch with the flyer on the BMW’s window.

      Can’t wait for the next scenes but as it’s 10 pm over here already I’m turning in for the night. Maybe I’ll find another chapter tomorrow after work – as a small afternoon delight ;-)


      • Kiwi!

        Sorry I posted so late for you to read the rest of the chapters. I got home a little late last night so I kind of got a late start to my day. I’m sure you will be very excited to see four more chapters for you to read now!

        Thanks for checking in.

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