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    Chapter 8 – Coming for Pleasure, Not Business

    “Of course. I certainly didn’t mean to imply that he had ownership rights, Tina.”


    Sexy and feisty, Helena thought. I’ve certainly met my match haven’t I?

    Dana and Tonya began to feel a little awkward with the direction the conversation was heading. Just then, the DJ began spinning a remixed version of “Wonder Woman.” Tina couldn’t help but smile when the dancing crowd cheered and more women made their way to the floor. Dana noticed the proud sparkle in her friend’s hazel eyes that watched the crowd closely.

    “Tina Kennard, the band you discovered at a Hollywood Hills party now has the hottest dance track spinning at gay clubs across America, what are you gonna do next?” Dana asked in her over-exaggerated announcer voice.

    “Mmmm, I’m going to Disneyland?” Tina asked curiously, trying to play along.

    “That’s right, the gayest place on Earth!” Dana snorted.

    Helena chuckled at the banter between the two friends.

    “Third Wheel Crush is actually going to be making an appearance here this evening, Helena,” Tonya informed the Brit. “I’m sure they’d love to meet you.”

    “Oh? I was unaware the group was making paid appearances already,” Helena said as the cocktail waitress brought over a bottle of Kauffman Private Collection Vodka and a bottle of Dom Perigon in two iced buckets with glasses for the four of them.

    “No, actually, they are coming for pleasure, not business.” Tonya explained. Helena’s left eyebrow quirked upward.

    “Well, that’s not entirely true,” Tina jumped in. “They have their big show at the Roxy in a week, and we need all the push we can get to fill the venue. Live shows are what really bring in the dollars in terms of merchandise sales. So they’ll be mingling with the public to generate some buzz for the show.”

    “I see. Well, I can’t wait to meet them.” The waitress poured all four ladies a glass of Dom Perignon before Helena tipped her generously. The media mogul lifted her champagne glass to propose a toast. “To Third Wheel Crush. May they reach the top of the charts in the coming weeks.” Tina, Tonya, and Dana raised their glasses to Helena’s.

    “To Third Wheel Crush!” they cheered and clinked their glasses before they simultaneously took a sip. Each of them felt the cool fizz of the bubbly tickle their throats on the way down.

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    1. Thanks for posting, MeLL! A nice way to end my weekend with your story.

      I like how Tina’s and Bette’s paths are starting to cross. Nice touch with the flyer on the BMW’s window.

      Can’t wait for the next scenes but as it’s 10 pm over here already I’m turning in for the night. Maybe I’ll find another chapter tomorrow after work – as a small afternoon delight ;-)


      • Kiwi!

        Sorry I posted so late for you to read the rest of the chapters. I got home a little late last night so I kind of got a late start to my day. I’m sure you will be very excited to see four more chapters for you to read now!

        Thanks for checking in.

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