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    Chapter 8 – Last Night at Beach – Time to Dance

    Bette:  Straighten your legs sweetie.

    Tina:  oh god Bette, that feels good.

    Bette moved to Tina’s face and began to kiss her deeply, snaking her tongue in and out of her mouth, sucking on her lips and tongue. She had cause Tina to flip over on her back and take Bette by the shoulders and return her kisses with vengeance.  Tina then spread her legs so that Bette could have better access.

    Bette:  You are really wet T.  How did that happen?

    Tina: the bush rubbing, the breast massage and the clit fingering.

    Bette:  You feel so hot and good. I love touching your body.

    Tina was gasping for breath and moaning.

    Tina: Make me come Babe, just take me. God it feels good.

    Bette then moved down to Tina’s breast and took a nipple in her mouth and suck on it gently then suck a on it hard and took the bud into her teeth and pulled on it lightly. Tina was moaning and thrashing about.

    Tina:  Fuck me Bette…just fuck me. I can’t take this teasing anymore.

    Bette then moved to place two of her fingers in Tina’s vagina and began to move them in and out at a moderate pace striking the clit with the palm of her hand.

    Tina:  More, harder.

    Bette put a third finger and increased her pace and force of her thrusting. Within a minute, Bette began to feel Tina’s vagina tighten in anticipation of an orgasm.  Bette then crooked two of her fingers to hit the g-spot and brought Tina to an orgasm with the second stroke. Tina almost screamed with pleasure as her body convulsed and shivered form the release of sexual tension. Tina then lay limp on the bed while Bette draped her body over Tina’s.  Tina felt Bette’s weight and smiled.

    Tina:  You make me feel so good. Simply magic.

    Bette: It is my pleasure to please you as you requested. That was a nice strong orgasm T.

    She then kissed Tina lightly across the face and neck.

    Tina: Wow, you have worn me out. That was so good. I need to do something for you.

    Bette:  Why don’t you just enjoy your afterglow. I can wait until later. I’m not going anywhere.

    Tina: Well then lay down and let me spoon into you. I’ll take care of you shortly, just got to sleep for a few minutes first.


    1. I worked hard to get Wheezy into this story and I knew that if someone would not change a bit it would be Wheezy.

      And Bette is still confused about Miss Wheezy.

      Thanks for reading….


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