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    Chapter 8 – Last Night at Beach – Time to Dance

    Bette did as she was asked and thought about fingering herself but decided to allow Tina to sleep. Bette closed her eyes as felt Tina against her back and her arm around her waist holding her hand. She drifted off to sleep thinking about how really fortune her life has been.

    As Bette drifted off to sleep, she thought about the life Tina and two wonderful kids. She thought about the group in the house and how wonderful it was to have friends who would come to your aid if you really had a need. They had all been there to assist in their move to New York, in the death of Jenny and of Dana and in the birth of Angelica. If asked they would have all been present for their wedding. The group had been there for Shane and for Alice and for Helena as well. They had supported Kit with The Planet and Helena with The Hit Club. They all loved Sonny and welcomed him into the group with open arms. Every spouse had been totally accepted into group without question since Tonya.  Tonya, unlike the rest of the group was a user and looked to her own self-interest regardless of the situation. So, when Dana choose to break it off with Tonya and date Alice, it was a happy day for the group.  And when Dana and Alice broke up, it was not a happy day. And when Alice and Jenny had their feud, the group was torn between showing loyalty for one side or the other. And when Shane and Jenny were not speaking, the group split for appearances sake only; they titled the groups as the victims and cheaters. But both groups shared information with each other and continued their friendships in spite of the warring parties. These people were closer than friends but not quite family. Bette knew that she was just as close to this group as she had ever been to her sister Kit and now to Paris. And it felt good to be back together with them celebrating that friendship.  Bette fell asleep.

    Almost two hours later, Tina began to wake up. She was feeling a little guilty that Bette had awaken her and made love to her and she had not been able to return the favor. She looked at the clock. It was 6:30. Perhaps there was enough time to give Bette some physical attention and she could get a short nap in before preparing to meet the group. What the hell, let’s just go for it. Bette was free to decline her offer.


    1. I worked hard to get Wheezy into this story and I knew that if someone would not change a bit it would be Wheezy.

      And Bette is still confused about Miss Wheezy.

      Thanks for reading….


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