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    Chapter 82 – Can’t Bullshit a Bullshitter

    Kit turned beet red like Bette did earlier in the afternoon. “She was not!” Kit asserted, unpersuasively.

    “Wow.” Tina breathed.

    “Uh-uh, girl, it’s not even like that.” Kit protested.

    “Take it easy, Kit.” Tina said with a grin. “Joyce is harmless. But she is one of the most powerful women in the business. Just sayin’.”

    “Yeah Kit, you should totally join the team for a bit and see how the other side plays the game.” Alice said with an evil chuckle. The other girls whooped and hollered as they bumped fists and high-fived each other, much to Angus’s dismay. He sat back in his chair, arms crossed tightly in front of him.

    “Ya’ll are crazy.” Kit said as she stood up to lead Tina to the front counter. “I’ll grab Marina for you so you don’t have to wait in line for her. Come on.”

    “Thanks, Kit.”

    The table was still alive and well with their chattering banter about Kit’s opportunity to be with an experienced woman while Angus tried to engage James in sports talk. Tina and Kit made their way towards where Marina was helping to back her servers.

    Tina grinned as Kit finally turned to face her. She couldn’t help but snicker herself as she shook her head at the blonde.

    “Was she that bad?”

    “Girl, she was near relentless.” Kit confessed.

    “Yeah, she can be rather emphatic.” Tina agreed. Marina came over to take Tina’s order and set to filling up a to-go cup for her. Once the two women were left to each other’s company again, Kit took the opportunity to give Tina the information she wanted.

    “I hope things are okay with your boss and everything.”

    Tina’s hazel eyes met the concerned dark brown pair staring back at her. “Don’t worry about it, Kit. We’re good.”

    “I was actually talking about Bette’s parting words.” Kit clarified. Tina gasped a breath as she remembered those words. “They came as a shock to us all. In case you were wondering, anyway.” The older Porter smiled warmly.

    “Shock was the initial reaction. It was quite unexpected.”

    Kit regarded Tina carefully, trying to decipher the true meaning behind the comment. “Too much? Too soon?” she asked the A&R executive.

    “Absolutely not. I love her too, Kit.” Tina acknowledged with the utmost honesty. “I’m gonna go tell her now.”

    “Well, she ain’t home.” Kit informed Tina.

    “But I thought James said…”

    “Tower 19. Venice Beach.”


    “That’s where you’ll find her. Posted up in the sand, contemplating her botched delivery.”

    Tina picked up her drink and took a few brisk steps toward the door of the restaurant before pivoting on her heel and returning to Kit’s side. She looked at her girlfriend’s sister and threw her arms around her, squeezing tightly. “Thank you.” She said softly.

    “No, thank you, Tina. You’re just what my baby sister needs.”

    Tina wanted to cry, but instead, she smiled her appreciation into Kit’s embrace. Soon, the two women broke apart and Kit watched the blonde as she hurriedly make her exit in search of her beloved younger sister.


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    1. Thank you for this nice Sunday morning surprise! Just the right thing after stressful week at work.
      Did you enjoy Captain Marvel? How is she? The movie is on my list as well :-)
      Now I’ll make some coffee and start reading your post.

    2. Lots of contemplating these days for Bette. I like the way you show how she reflects on her behaviour/reactions to Tina. It’s like sometimes she’s surprised how different her relationship with Tina is and how serious it got within such a short time. Looking forward to their meeting at the beach.

    3. Hi MeLL:

      Excellent chapter, I’m waiting the whole day to your promised next post for today’s evening.
      Now, Tina knows what she needs to replay to Bette’s L word.

      Thanks for the wonderful chapter.


    4. Ah, MeLL, you never stop to amaze me with your ability to mix all possible shades in this so talented colour palette of yours ! From caustic humour to deep emotions, I’m more than ever savouring the delightful flavours…

      ,,, and here I’m quickening my pace to reach our fabulous lovebirds at the beach – cannot wait to feel the glistening of shared love…

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