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    Chapter 82 – Can’t Bullshit a Bullshitter

    “What do you mean?”

    “Ahh, come on Little Porter.” Joyce joked as she wrapped her arm around Bette’s shoulders and escorted her out. “You can’t bullshit a bullshitter. That was your first time wasn’t it?”

    Bette was visibly puzzled by the lawyer’s question. “What are you talking about, Joyce?”

    Both women stopped at the threshold of the lobby and reception desk. Joyce was sizing Bette up with a knowing smirk. “Was your verbal incantation of affection meant to be uttered over the phone like that?”

    The crimson blush spread over the band manager’s entire body as she smiled shyly and diverted her eyes from those of the questioning attorney down to the expensive Persian rug runner she was standing on. Bette knew that Joyce’s approach to this subject was probably the gentlest she would be receiving. She was grateful that the band was preoccupied just outside the door of the office now.

    “Not exactly.” She admitted. “But you’re right. It was the first time.”

    “I remember my first time.” Joyce said looking up and letting the moment of nostalgia take over. “Rebecca Lowenstein. It was at her Bat Mitzvah. She looked so cute with matzah ball stuck in her braces.”

    Bette frowned at Joyce’s trip down memory lane, but quickly recovered when the lawyer shook off the cobwebs of yesteryear and refocused on the tall brunette.

    “Anyway, a homemade card with a purple Star of David on the front and $18 later, I was confessing my love while at the same time apologizing for failing to properly crochet the kippah I had been working on for her. To this day, I hate crocheting. Probably why I went into law.”

    Bette nodded slowly, praying that Joyce’s anecdote was finished.

    “I hope you’re going to redeem yourself with a grander gesture of affection?” Joyce stated expectantly. Her warning tone earned her a sheepish smile from the band manager.

    “I’ll work on it, Joyce.”

    “You better. Now get outta here. Go celebrate with your friends.”

    Bette took her leave from the office and found her sister and friends congregated in front of the elevators and still pumped from the day’s events.

    “Hey Little P, you gonna meet us down at the Planet for some well-deserved grub?” Angus asked.

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    1. Thank you for this nice Sunday morning surprise! Just the right thing after stressful week at work.
      Did you enjoy Captain Marvel? How is she? The movie is on my list as well :-)
      Now I’ll make some coffee and start reading your post.

    2. Lots of contemplating these days for Bette. I like the way you show how she reflects on her behaviour/reactions to Tina. It’s like sometimes she’s surprised how different her relationship with Tina is and how serious it got within such a short time. Looking forward to their meeting at the beach.

    3. Hi MeLL:

      Excellent chapter, I’m waiting the whole day to your promised next post for today’s evening.
      Now, Tina knows what she needs to replay to Bette’s L word.

      Thanks for the wonderful chapter.


    4. Ah, MeLL, you never stop to amaze me with your ability to mix all possible shades in this so talented colour palette of yours ! From caustic humour to deep emotions, I’m more than ever savouring the delightful flavours…

      ,,, and here I’m quickening my pace to reach our fabulous lovebirds at the beach – cannot wait to feel the glistening of shared love…

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