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    Chapter 82 – Can’t Bullshit a Bullshitter

    “You guys go on ahead, I think I’m gonna take a drive.” Bette answered with a smile.

    “Oh, no you don’t!” Alice protested as the elevator doors opened behind her.

    Shane, Carmen, Tayo, James and Angus slipped around the quirky guitar player as she continued her harassment of Bette.

    “I want details and I want ‘em, like, yesterday. You and Tina? Already with the L word? Who are you and what did you do with Bette Porter, heartbreaker extraordinaire?”

    Bette smirked as Shane and Carmen each took one of Alice’s arms that were folded in front of her. They gently pulled her back into the elevator car unnoticed as she continued to rattle on and on about Bette’s unexpected parting words.

    “I mean, really, it’s almost disturbing because it’s so out of character. The unattainable is now spoken for, you know what I’m sayin’ guys?” Alice asked without looking around at the company she kept in the lift.

    “Yup, sure do, Al.” Shane replied nonchalantly as she pushed the lobby button before punching the ‘close door’ button.

    “Has she said it to you yet? Are you guys gonna move in together soon? When’s the wedding? Can I coordinate the bachelorette party?” The questions were fired off in rapid succession as the elevator doors slid shut, effectively ending the one-sided conversation.

    Kit stood there grinning at her younger sister, who was shaking her head in amusement.

    “Has she always been this annoying?” Bette questioned, already knowing the answer.

    “Would she be Alice if she wasn’t?” Kit asked rhetorically.

    Another breathy laugh came from Bette as she hit the call button for the elevator again. “Right.” She said.

    “You’re not gonna come to lunch with us?” Kit asked, her tone a bit more serious this time.

    “No.” Bette looked to the floor as she exhaled loudly. “I should probably go home and prepare an explanation for my girlfriend.”

    “An explanation for what, baby girl? There’s no reason to apologize to any woman for telling her you love her.”

    “Her boss has no idea about me, Kit. If I outed her, she’s probably pissed.” Bette felt incredibly guilty for being unable to filter her feelings in Tina’s professional setting.

    “I’m sure she’ll forgive you. Especially since the feeling is mutual, Bette.” Kit said with a knowing smile.

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    1. Thank you for this nice Sunday morning surprise! Just the right thing after stressful week at work.
      Did you enjoy Captain Marvel? How is she? The movie is on my list as well :-)
      Now I’ll make some coffee and start reading your post.

    2. Lots of contemplating these days for Bette. I like the way you show how she reflects on her behaviour/reactions to Tina. It’s like sometimes she’s surprised how different her relationship with Tina is and how serious it got within such a short time. Looking forward to their meeting at the beach.

    3. Hi MeLL:

      Excellent chapter, I’m waiting the whole day to your promised next post for today’s evening.
      Now, Tina knows what she needs to replay to Bette’s L word.

      Thanks for the wonderful chapter.


    4. Ah, MeLL, you never stop to amaze me with your ability to mix all possible shades in this so talented colour palette of yours ! From caustic humour to deep emotions, I’m more than ever savouring the delightful flavours…

      ,,, and here I’m quickening my pace to reach our fabulous lovebirds at the beach – cannot wait to feel the glistening of shared love…

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