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    Chapter 82 – Can’t Bullshit a Bullshitter

    The brown-eyed sisters stared at each other for a brief moment until they heard the soft ding notifying them of the elevator’s arrival again.

    “You think so?” Bette asked, her voice ever-hopeful.

    “You’d have to be a complete fool not to see it. We all can. You got somethin’ special with that girl. And I couldn’t be happier for you. For both of you.” Kit reached for Bette’s hand and they entered the empty space of the elevator. “So don’t apologize, don’t explain. Just repeat it. Everyday.” Kit winked as the elevator doors shut with them inside and she pushed the lobby floor button.



    The Planet

    The gang was laughing and joking with one another when a confident, sexy blonde walked into the restaurant. Spotting the group immediately after hearing the familiar cackles of one loud-mouthed musician, Tina made her way to the Stouts’ table.

    “Hey guys! Hi James!” Tina said as she approached the group.

    “What’s up, Tina?!” Carmen greeted.

    Tina’s hazel eyes searched the rest of the dining area hoping to get a glimpse of her loose-lipped girlfriend, but was disappointed.

    “Where’s Bette?”

    “Avoiding Alice.” Shane quipped while everyone else just snickered.

    “Shut it, McCutcheon!” Alice scolded.

    “She said she was gonna go home and focus on some composing.” James answered for the rest of the band. “You wanna see a menu, Tina?” The young agent offered her the laminated list of options.

    “No, I just stopped by to grab an iced tea to go. I have some stuff I have to get done.” Tina fibbed, eager to leave in order to find Bette.

    “So Tina?” Alice began. The blonde turned to face her girlfriend’s crazy friend. “That Bluetooth guy has kind of a hard-on for Kit, doesn’t he?”

    It took a moment for Tina to register that the rhythm guitarist was talking about Aaron. Once she did, she laughed out loud and shook her head. “A raging hard-on, Alice. For sure.”

    “Yeah, he’s not the only one.” Angus said bitterly garnering him the attention of everyone, including Kit. He glanced around at the questioning looks before defending his statement. “Oh come on, like you guys couldn’t tell that Wischnia was practically dryhumping Kit’s leg at that meeting!” he exclaimed.

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    1. Thank you for this nice Sunday morning surprise! Just the right thing after stressful week at work.
      Did you enjoy Captain Marvel? How is she? The movie is on my list as well :-)
      Now I’ll make some coffee and start reading your post.

    2. Lots of contemplating these days for Bette. I like the way you show how she reflects on her behaviour/reactions to Tina. It’s like sometimes she’s surprised how different her relationship with Tina is and how serious it got within such a short time. Looking forward to their meeting at the beach.

    3. Hi MeLL:

      Excellent chapter, I’m waiting the whole day to your promised next post for today’s evening.
      Now, Tina knows what she needs to replay to Bette’s L word.

      Thanks for the wonderful chapter.


    4. Ah, MeLL, you never stop to amaze me with your ability to mix all possible shades in this so talented colour palette of yours ! From caustic humour to deep emotions, I’m more than ever savouring the delightful flavours…

      ,,, and here I’m quickening my pace to reach our fabulous lovebirds at the beach – cannot wait to feel the glistening of shared love…

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