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    Chapter 9

    Bette shrugs.

    (Bette) I have an important meeting. Maybe the most important yet

    (Alice) Interesting, who with?

    Bette looks at her proudly, suppressing a smile.

    (Bette) Andrew Rhys-Baker

    Alice gasps and slaps Bette’s arm.

    (Alice) What? Why?

    Bette smiles and Dana frowns at them.

    (Dana) Who is Andrew Rhys-Baker?

    Alice frowns back at her.

    (Alice) Are you serious?

    (Dana) What?

    (Alice) He’s a Rhys-Baker, for one thing. What else do you need to know? They’re a huge Democrat family

    (Dana) You know my family are Republicans

    Alice shakes her head.

    (Alice) My God, sometimes I’m reminded how much work I still have to do with you

    Bette smiles at them, and speaks kindly to Dana.

    (Bette) He’s a big deal Dane, Andrew is touted as a future Governor

    (Alice) Well that’s short term. He’s touted as a future President

    Shane raises her eyebrows.

    (Shane) Wow, Bette

    (Alice) It’s an amazing associate to have

    (Bette smiles) I know

    (Alice) So what’s the meeting?

    (Bette) He’s re-establishing himself in California after living away for a long time, leading up to entering politics here. He is wanting his family’s organisation to make some solid investment in the arts, among other things, and I guess my gallery is on their radar

    Alice raises her eyebrows and smiles broadly.

    (Alice) Wow

    (Bette smiles) I know, it’s exciting. Their investment would mean maybe expanding,  a larger space, maybe more galleries, San Francisco, which I’ve always wanted to do

    (Alice) Would you be ok with a partnership? You’ve always been a bit of a lone wolf

    Bette raises an eyebrow at her.

    (Bette) Well I don’t think there are too many offers I’d seriously consider, but I have so much respect for their family, and their values, all that they’ve achieved. I’d be mad not to at least consider it

    (Alice) Oh my God I’m so excited! Would that mean Andrew would come to your openings? He’s fucking gorgeous

    (Bette smiles) I don’t know Al, I guess. Let’s just see how the meeting goes shall we?


    A week later, Bette Porter Gallery. It is the opening night of a significant exhibition for Bette’s gallery, and a large crowd is gathered in the gallery’s main room. Bette spends time moving between different groups and charming the many prominent and high profile people in attendance.

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      • I WASNT xpecting all the lying from Tina. And now it makes me wonder what Helena might be it to.

        Tina & Andrew having to book all a sudden will be a chall for Tina. Her hetero-planned life may not be as gleeful as she thinks.

        Andrew gonna be real busy as a prospective Govenor. Lots of beautiful ladies in his path . . . .

    1. Well, I knew that for Tina, there was someone back home… but I did not realize that back home was LA nor did I ever suspect that someone would be man. And I am like Bette – a woman traveling alone to a well known lesbian destination would more than likely not be a heterosexual. But after a verbal confirmation that she was gay? Well, I would have had a huge kick in the gut too if I were Bette. And now as they say in the good ole days: The plot thickens. The attraction is still very much there and Bette’s new buisness partner is engaged to the woman whom you are truly smitten with… Tina Kinnard….. All are public figures and one is a political figure on his way to the Governor’s office. And so the likelihood of Bette and Tina being just casual acquaintances is not very high. And now that Alice knows… Helena will soon know…. Shane will know… and the moral of the story: There is no such thing as a secret.

    2. Hmmm… Some details about their time in Majorca makes sense now. Tina not taking any photos, how she was captivated by their visit to a museum on law and politics, that phone call she made in private before they had dinner in a place where another woman hit on Bette and the strange fact that they didn’t even exchange details, not even surnames. Maybe Tina went on that holiday to get all that gay feelings out of her system before she gets married. But then she met Bette. She lied about some stuff but I think she’s in complete denial of her true feelings for Bette. Poor Bette though. The dream vacation, holiday romance she had has turned into a fantasy she must now try to forget.

      I have a few questions, katynd: Will Bette fight for her feelings for Tina and confront her on her true feelings for her too? Their holiday romance was all on Tina’s terms; Bette just went along with it. Will Bette just let this go without a fight? And what’s the significance of Helena in this story? Does she know that Tina’s in the closet or was she surprised by the mention of Bette’s name? Hmmm… Very intriguing and well-written as always, katynd! Many thanks again for writing and sharing this lovely story! I can’t wait to read the next chapter! :D

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