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    Dan Foxworthy Counseling Session (Season 5 Episode 9 Post Elevator)


    “Yes, Dan,” Bette said, afraid of what he would ask her next.  She squeezed Tina’s hand.


    “How did it feel, when Tina left for a man?” inquired Dan.


    “How did it feel?  How do you think it felt?  It was deflating, humiliating and hurtful.  I felt utterly dejected and sad,” Bette replied with a steely look in her eyes.  She paused for a moment and then said, “I was so disappointed that after having Angelica we had let our relationship come to that.  We stopped having sex and argued all the time, so it made sense I guess.  Our emotional and physical intimacy had disappeared, and when I lost my job at the CAC that put a financial strain on the relationship.  Honestly I thought our love was stronger than that, but I was wrong.”


    “Yes,” said Dan.


    “You knew that, though didn’t you Dan?  That’s why you advised us against having a child together, right?  I can see it now I guess.  Hindsight is twenty-twenty,” Bette said with a small snort.


    “Bette, the stress that having a child puts on a relationship is difficult even for those who are in a good place, so yes it is no surprise that your relationship deteriorated.  Add in the factor of losing a job and it was all but inevitable,” added Dan.


    “Tina, your thoughts?” Dan said turning his attention to Tina.  She was still processing the things Dan had just said.


    “You’re right as always.  I mean Angelica brought us back together for a short while, but the stress of a child and the financial strain was too much.”   Tina looked at Bette.  “Did you resent me because of the role reversal?  I mean the fact that I was working and you weren’t?” asked Tina.  She didn’t really think of it that way back then, but taking the back seat must have been hard for the ever alpha-in control Bette.


    “On some level, I suppose I did, yes,” admitted Bette.  “It was new territory for me and I reacted poorly.  I am sure it doesn’t matter now but for what it is worth, I am sorry Tina.  I wish I could have prevented all the things that drove a wedge between us back then.  And, well… this isn’t an excuse, but we rarely had sex after the baby was born.  I know enough about myself to know that I need that,” Bette looked at Tina with apologetic eyes.


    1. hmmmmm so is there a filler to be written for Season 2 epi 7, Tina decided to get the hell out of Dodge after listening to Helena & her ex arguing and go to the Planet for a celebration.

      Funny that Tina was definitely looking to see if Bette was there. After seeing that was a crowd of horndogs surrounding Bette it took encouragement from Kit to convince Tina talk go and talk to Bette.

      After getting past initial formalities, I noticed that Tina held a strong gaze while looking at a shocked/nervous (slightly embarrassed???) Bette.

      wondered what dialog resulted

    2. You really made a terrific filler here, I love it a lot !
      Expressing their feelings and emotions was always our beloved two’s biggest weakness and it’s so great to hear them truly talk to each other. And thanks to you, this stairway will remain as hot as the elevator ;-)
      Thank you so much for this delightful and lovely filler, Christina !

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