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    Dan Foxworthy Counseling Session (Season 5 Episode 9 Post Elevator)


    “Oh,” was all Bette could get out before Tina pressed into her from behind and attacked her neck with heavy breath and wanting kisses.


    “This is all I could think about the whole time we were in there,” Tina breathed into Bette’s ear, her hands caressing Bette’s firmly toned thighs.  She stayed in the neck and collar bone area, kissing Bette sweetly and intently everywhere she could find exposed caramel skin.  “I crave you, Bette.  I need you – I need your touch.  I want to taste you and feel your hands all over me.”


    Tina’s confession elicited a moan from Bette as her eyes rolled back in her head with pleasure.  All she ever wanted was for Tina to want her like this, and to show her.  Now she was, and Bette couldn’t help but respond.  As much as she enjoyed Tina being nuzzled in her neck, she wanted a kiss, so Bette managed to turn and wiggle her way around to face the sensual blonde, quickly making eye contact and going in for a sizzling kiss.  “Mmm,” they both moaned in unison.  Bette’s hands cupped Tina’s ass while Tina combed her fingers through Bette’s curly locks.


    “God, I love this Tina,” whispered Bette,” and I missed you so much.”


    “Me, too.  Now shut up and kiss me,” said Tina playfully.  She couldn’t help it lately – her hands seemed to find their way to the hem of Bette’s pants without a thought.  Her right hand and arm braced Bette’s shoulders for support and her left hand snaked down into Bette’s panties.  “There you are,” she smiled as her fingers found Bette’s aroused wetness.  She watched as Bette’s eyes got wide and her lips quivered with excitement.


    “Take me, Tina.  I’m all yours,” panted Bette, her now half-lidded eyes suddenly drunk with lust.  She relaxed into Tina’s skillful touch, finding a rhythm that felt just right.  Bette managed to sneak her hand into Tina’s panties at some point, and they were pleasuring each other at the same time, caressing each other’s folds and massaging their sexes together.  They were now looking deep into one another’s eyes while they made love, sharing myriads of emotion and pent up feelings.


    With her thumb on Tina’s swollen clit, Bette plunged two fingers deep into Tina’s pussy, and Tina did the same.  They moved together now, reaching a glorious climax at the same time, fanning the flame of their love that was rekindled anew.  They were both out of breath now, sweating and panting as they held one another, riding the last waves of their pleasure back down from erotic heaven.


    “I love you, baby,” said Tina.


    “I love you, too Tee,” said Bette.  “Did my makeup smear?”  Bette asked with a wink.


    “Most definitely,” said Tina.


    After straightening their clothes they walked the remaining six flights down hand in hand, taking it slowly as to savor the few moments of privacy they had before returning to the watching world.  That Subaru Pink Ride weekend could not come fast enough.



    1. hmmmmm so is there a filler to be written for Season 2 epi 7, Tina decided to get the hell out of Dodge after listening to Helena & her ex arguing and go to the Planet for a celebration.

      Funny that Tina was definitely looking to see if Bette was there. After seeing that was a crowd of horndogs surrounding Bette it took encouragement from Kit to convince Tina talk go and talk to Bette.

      After getting past initial formalities, I noticed that Tina held a strong gaze while looking at a shocked/nervous (slightly embarrassed???) Bette.

      wondered what dialog resulted

    2. You really made a terrific filler here, I love it a lot !
      Expressing their feelings and emotions was always our beloved two’s biggest weakness and it’s so great to hear them truly talk to each other. And thanks to you, this stairway will remain as hot as the elevator ;-)
      Thank you so much for this delightful and lovely filler, Christina !

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