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    Dan Foxworthy Counseling Session (Season 5 Episode 9 Post Elevator)


    “Someone else,” said Dan.


    “Kate?” Bette asked with questioning eyes.


    “No, Bette,” said Tina.  “It was you.”  She looked up and met Bette’s eyes with a vulnerable glance and a sideways smile.  Bette furrowed her brow, her face softened and she tilted her head to the side.  For a moment they forgot Dan was sitting there.


    Breaking the silence, Dan stated,” Well it is clear to me that whatever the reason you two separated in the first place is a thing of the past.  I can see sitting across from you how you are feeling about one another.  Tina, how do you feel about Bette, and what are you afraid of?”


    Tina and Bette both let out a small chuckle at the question, as they had discussed in the elevator a few minutes ago that very thing.  They knew Dan would ask them each what they were afraid of and what they wanted out of the situation.


    “I wasn’t prepared to admit it until now, but I love her.”  Tina paused to look over to Bette.  “I always have, really.  And I am just afraid of fucking it all up and hurting Jodi and, if I am honest, being ‘the other woman’ in this situation.  I don’t want to break up Bette and Jodi but I can’t help the feelings I am having.  I just don’t know what to do.”  While speaking, she was motioning emphatically with her hands, placing her hand on her heart at crucial moments.


    “I see,” said Dan.  “And what is it that you want?”


    “I don’t know,” said Tina.


    “I think you know,” said Dan.  “You know what you want but you are afraid that what you want is not allowed – that it is against the rules somehow.  And now you are here asking permission to have the feelings that you are feeling.  Is that an accurate statement?”


    “Yes,” Tina said in a very small voice, “on both accounts.”


    Bette was amazed at just exactly how Dan was able to articulate what she suspected was the truth in just a few simple statements.  If she was honest with herself she felt the same way.


    “Bette,” Dan said turning his attention to the brunette in front of him.


    1. hmmmmm so is there a filler to be written for Season 2 epi 7, Tina decided to get the hell out of Dodge after listening to Helena & her ex arguing and go to the Planet for a celebration.

      Funny that Tina was definitely looking to see if Bette was there. After seeing that was a crowd of horndogs surrounding Bette it took encouragement from Kit to convince Tina talk go and talk to Bette.

      After getting past initial formalities, I noticed that Tina held a strong gaze while looking at a shocked/nervous (slightly embarrassed???) Bette.

      wondered what dialog resulted

    2. You really made a terrific filler here, I love it a lot !
      Expressing their feelings and emotions was always our beloved two’s biggest weakness and it’s so great to hear them truly talk to each other. And thanks to you, this stairway will remain as hot as the elevator ;-)
      Thank you so much for this delightful and lovely filler, Christina !

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