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    Family Sunday

    Bette’s eyes were closed. Her right hand was in between her legs. Her left hand was covering her right breast. She was about to slide her hand inside her pajama bottoms when she suddenly stopped. She opened her eyes and realized she only wanted Tina to touch her. She wanted Tina on top of her and inside of her. She licked her lips and ran her fingers down her throat. 

    She really wanted Tina on top of her. 

    Bette couldn’t forget how good Tina felt and tasted. It had been way too long. She thought back to the two times they were together in Vancouver and concluded those did not count. The first time was angry sex. The second time was sad sex. Both times were pathetic attempts for some sort of moment of reconnection. 

    She missed the connection with Tina the most. Not the sex. She could get sex anytime she wanted from pretty much anyone she wanted. But after being with Tina, nothing before her compared and she didn’t want there to be an ‘after Tina’. She only wanted Tina and only wanted to be wanted by Tina.

    Bette ached to be touched. She was frustrated. She needed her soul fucked…thoroughly. She needed Tina to climb inside of her and make love to her from the inside out…for hours. To touch her only the way Tina knew how to touch her. Bette needed the dull ache between her legs to be soothed…by Tina.

    Bette groaned. 

    She thought about the kiss at The Balloon Festival. It was nice. Tentative at first. She liked how Tina gently ran her fingers through her hair and then kissed her on the cheek, then kissed the corner of her mouth. Bette loved the way Tina felt in her arms as they danced and how Tina slowly moved in to kiss her on the mouth. It was delicious and filled with wanton desire. Tina was such a good kisser. It was perfect until Bette ruined it. She felt herself giving in to Tina. So, she panicked and picked a fight instead. 

    Bette touched her fingers to her lips and rolled her eyes at herself.

    “I’m fucking ridiculous. This is absurd,” Bette said out loud. Then she sat up and ran her hands through her hair and scratched the back of her head.


    1. Great chapter!

      Bette and AJ and together with Tina, he is so smart and adorable! Very clever from him to let them join him in the pool.

      Bette is ready to try to rebuild their relationship and Tina comes with that line, “Things that will most likely break your heart…some more.”. But they have to make a clean start and this is necessary to put everything out and then away to never come back.

      I’m sad the end is coming but also looking forward to the next chapter.

      • Thank you so much! I’ll be tackling a GenQ storyline when I’m done with this one. This my first attempt at fanfic and it has been such a privilege writing this story. When it’s all done, I’ll go back and read it from start to finish to see what I could’ve done better.

        Bette is ready to rebuild but she’s also nervous. She portrays alpha but we know she’s fragile. So I’m excited to see how Tina navigates her fragility and how Bette hopefully starts to forgive her. But I don’t know. We shall see.

        Next chapter is going to be a doozy for sure!

        AJ is my absolute favorite. I kinda wish I wrote him as an orphan or something. I love the way Bette and AJ interact.

        • You are a great writer, your writing style is really good, don’t think you have to change anything. I especially love how you write their inner thoughts. The story flows and keeps you wanting more.

          I adore AJ, maybe you can add him in your new story. Bette doing something for a orphan house, they meet and Bette and him bond immediately and Bette wants to adopt him, giving him the warm and loving home he deserves. I am adopted and it would be so great to read something like that. But whatever you’re new story will be about, i will certainly read it!

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