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    Family Sunday

    Bette grabbed her phone and read the messages again. 

    Bette: Made it home

    Tina: Thanks for letting me know. 

    Tina: See ya tomorrow

    Bette remembered smiling and texting back right away.

    Bette: See ya tomorrow

    She scrolled up. She noticed the timestamp and it had been 13 days since they last communicated.

    “What the fuck am I doing,” Bette said out loud and tossed her phone on the bed.

    She needed to clear her head before everyone arrived…before Tina arrived…in a fucking bikini.


    Tina felt a strong urge to call Bette as soon as she woke up. She placed her hand on her heart. She wondered what Bette was doing. She missed waking up to the weight of Bette wrapped around her. She missed running her fingers through those beautiful curls first thing in the mornings. She missed watching Bette sleep in her arms. She missed breathing her in and kissing her eyelids until they fluttered open. She missed Bette smiling up at her and kissing her on her chin and snuggling into her tighter. She really missed the mornings when she found Bette between her legs. 

    Tina remembered the first time Bette ate her for breakfast. She’d never been woken up with someone’s tongue inside of her. It was magical and special and so intimate. At first, she thought she was dreaming because Bette made her cum six times the night before. She also had never orgasmed that many times during sex. However, she was not dreaming because the more Bette licked her walls, the more she moaned into consciousness. She remembered looking down and seeing Bette looking back up at her. It was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen in her entire life. She was so focused on the desire in Bette’s eyes that when Bette latched on to her clit all she could do was bite her lip and let her eyes roll into the back of her head. She remembered forcing herself to open them again because she didn’t want to miss one second of what Bette was doing to her. The eye contact was making the experience even more intense. Bette was sucking and slurping and pulling and flicking her clit. Every single nerve was going off in Tina’s body. She had never felt that much pleasure all at once. Tina remembered Bette winking at her and giggling into her pussy as she sucked harder. Tina didn’t realize how strong Bette was until she tried to buck her off and Bette held on and didn’t stop. Her mouth felt so good on her clit but the experience was so overwhelming. Tina knew something otherworldly was about to happen when Bette hooked her arms around her legs and sucked deliberately. She was sucking hard yet gentle at the same time. Tina didn’t know how that was possible. Then when Tina was spent, Bette held her clit lovingly in her mouth until the twitching slowed down, cradling it with her lips, waiting until Tina regained control of her senses. Then she carefully let it go and slowly climbed up Tina’s body until they were eye to eye. Looking into Bette’s eyes, Tina was overcome with emotion because she knew at that moment she loved Bette more than she had ever loved anyone before.


    1. Great chapter!

      Bette and AJ and together with Tina, he is so smart and adorable! Very clever from him to let them join him in the pool.

      Bette is ready to try to rebuild their relationship and Tina comes with that line, “Things that will most likely break your heart…some more.”. But they have to make a clean start and this is necessary to put everything out and then away to never come back.

      I’m sad the end is coming but also looking forward to the next chapter.

      • Thank you so much! I’ll be tackling a GenQ storyline when I’m done with this one. This my first attempt at fanfic and it has been such a privilege writing this story. When it’s all done, I’ll go back and read it from start to finish to see what I could’ve done better.

        Bette is ready to rebuild but she’s also nervous. She portrays alpha but we know she’s fragile. So I’m excited to see how Tina navigates her fragility and how Bette hopefully starts to forgive her. But I don’t know. We shall see.

        Next chapter is going to be a doozy for sure!

        AJ is my absolute favorite. I kinda wish I wrote him as an orphan or something. I love the way Bette and AJ interact.

        • You are a great writer, your writing style is really good, don’t think you have to change anything. I especially love how you write their inner thoughts. The story flows and keeps you wanting more.

          I adore AJ, maybe you can add him in your new story. Bette doing something for a orphan house, they meet and Bette and him bond immediately and Bette wants to adopt him, giving him the warm and loving home he deserves. I am adopted and it would be so great to read something like that. But whatever you’re new story will be about, i will certainly read it!

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