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    Fire and Ice—Chapter Two

    “I’ll be able to answer that” a male voice announced

    Tina’s mother stepped aside and watched as a man in a white coat approach her bedside to stand beside her mother.

    “Ms. Kennard. I’m Doctor Harrison. You are at Mercy Hospital in our ICU..We have had you in an induced coma for two weeks and on a vent to allow your body to heal. We removed your vent earlier today and have slowly brought you out of your coma which is why you are now waking up. Do you understand”

    “Yes” she answers waiting for him to continue and grateful she was getting answers

    “You had a laceration to your right kidney…We repaired the damage and gave you a blood transfusion..We will move you out of ICU to a room soon” the doctor says writing on the chart in his hand

    “What happened?”

    “According to the police report. You were attacked by knife. They have requested to speak with you but I have instructed them not to  until you are out of ICU and moved to a regular room..For now we have limited visitors to just your mother”

    Tina stares at the ceiling in thought

    “Where is Bette?” Tina says noticing her mother frown and the doctor rub the back of his neck

    The doctor glances over at Tina’s mother in a questioning manner “Ms Kennard?”

    “Tina?…Bette has not been here”

    Tina feels her body tense up and winces in pain as an image of Bette leaning over her with a knife flashed before her eyes

    “She had a knife” Tina grunted out in pain as her Mother furrowed her brow

    “Tina?..What did you say?” Her mother asked horrified as Doctor Harrison steps closer to the bed

    “Ms. Kennard…I’m going to get Detective Bryan in here.  He has been waiting for you to wake up to speak to you about your case.

    Tina locked eyes with the doctor as he gave her a sympathetic look before turning towards the door and walking out of the room. She sighed as the image of Bette leaning over her with a knife consumed her thoughts

    “No!..Stop!” Tina yelped in pain as she squinted her eyes willing the image to disappear out of her head. Tears begin to spill down the sides of her cheek


    1. amethyst,

      I’m loving this story. I especially loved reading how Bette & Tina met. Ahh, that instant attraction.

      Tina thinks Bette stabbed her, but she saw something in Bette’s eyes at the club. It will be interesting, to say the least, how she reacts when she finds out the truth about Iris.

      Looking forward to how Bette and her team will take down Rocco. Great chapter.

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