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    Fire and Ice—Chapter Two

    “Tina sweetie…What’s wrong?” Her mother asked trying to soothe her by brushing her hand there her hair.

    Before Tina could speak, the Detective announced his presence after a knock on the door

    “Hi…I’m Detective Bryan.  May I have a brief moment with Ms Tina Kennard please?” He directs towards Tina’s mother who looks back at her daughter.

    Tina sniffles and sighs slightly as she nods her head

    “Alright..I’ll be just outside” She replies as she gives Tina’s hand a reassuring squeeze before leaving out of the room

    Detective Bryan watches as her mother shuts the door then turns back to Tina and flashes his badge at her.

    She nods as he pulls up a chair and places it next to her bedside and sits.

    “Ms. Kennard? Do you feel up to answering a few questions?”

    Tina nods

    “Do you remember what happened?”

    Tina shifts her eyes from the detective and stares at the curtain behind him…the image of Bette leaning over her with a knife playing vividly in her mind.  The love of her life tried to kill her.  It couldn’t be true.  Could it?

    “No” Tina answered and turned her head away  to face the other side “I don’t think I’m up for this right now.  I’m sorry”

    The detective sighs “Sure.  I understand.  I know you have been through a lot.  I will let you rest and I will proceed with questioning at a later time”

    Tina nods not looking back at the detective as she she hears the door open and then close…She turns her head to see the detective still in the room and walking back toward her.

    “I’m sorry.  But before I go.  The woman who said she brought you in here a couple of weeks ago wanted to see if it was ok if she could see you for a minute.  She is right outside”

    The monitor began beeping faster as Tina’s heart began to race.  Bette?…Tina began to smile at the thought of seeing her again but the image of Bette leaning over her with a knife gripped her with fear..

    “Ms Kennard?…Are you ok?”

    Tina took a deep breath and closed her eyes as the image disappeared as quick as it had come. This was the time to ask Bette what had happened.  In her heart she knew what she was seeing had to be wrong. It had to be… The woman she loved more than life itself would never hurt her…She even brought her to the hospital. Tina finally relaxed and let out a breath before looking at the detective


    1. amethyst,

      I’m loving this story. I especially loved reading how Bette & Tina met. Ahh, that instant attraction.

      Tina thinks Bette stabbed her, but she saw something in Bette’s eyes at the club. It will be interesting, to say the least, how she reacts when she finds out the truth about Iris.

      Looking forward to how Bette and her team will take down Rocco. Great chapter.

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