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    Fire and Ice—Chapter Three

    “Father asked me not to say and he said he would explain it to you later.  You know how he is Tina.  He has his reasons”

    Tina was furious as she turned on her heels rushing to the the sliding glass door of the balcony and slamming it open as she hurried outside to take in the fresh air that hit her lungs.  She grabbed the rail of the balcony with her hands as she took deep breaths calming herself. She could feel Iris standing behind her as she looks out at the skyscrapers of downtown New York

    “I don’t like things being kept from me Iris.  You of all people should know I hate lies.  I agreed to do this because I want answers and my desire to see her suffer outweighs anything else”

    Iris walks forward and joins Tina at the balcony and is quiet as Tina continues

    “I want answers Iris.  But I was not prepared to ask her at the club.  I froze..”

    “Father said he would give you that chance once we got Bette to the safe house and in the cell he has prepared for her arrival”

    Tina turns to Iris

    “How are you so sure she will follow me there.  How is Rocco so sure his plan will work?”

    “Because you are a loose end she now needs to tie up”

    Tina shakes her head

    “None of this is making sense to me. It just feels..” Tina stops as she hear’s Iris’s ringtone and watches as She pulls the phone out of her pocket and looks at the screen

    “It’s Father” Iris lies and answers it “Yes father”

    “I take it lover girl is right there..Meet me at Underground Headquarters  in 30 minutes”

    The call ends

    “Yes. I understand” Iris says pretending to end the call and hoping Tina doesn’t ask too many questions

    “Everything ok?” Tina asks leaning against the rail

    Iris nods “Yes..Father said my brother Eric is here in New York and I am to meet him in a half hour at our underground base”

    “You want me to come with you?” Tina asks as she follows Iris back inside the hotel room and watches her grab her purse


    1. So Tina has a backdoor communication channel with Bette…. And yet is blown out of the water by seeing her in the restaurant with their potential new really big client. This is intrigue at its best. And Tina believes that Bette really was the one who stabbed her. Yet things are happening around her which simply do not add up… sees Bette in LA at some random bar and then at this restaurant in New York City? Random chance happenings are not that frequent. Tina is going to smell a rat soon. Tina is a pawn and she knows it. And she is going to have to decide if she truly wants to see Bette dead or alive…. fascinating story… .love to see more…

      thanks for the update…

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