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    Fire and Ice—Chapter Three

    Iris sighs  “I know you will never see me as anything other than a “friend with benefits” “ she says in a sarcastic tone

    Tina places her hand over her forehead “Iris do we have to keep revisiting this topic.  You know   I told you in the beginning the only thing I could give you was my body..No one would ever have my heart again.  You didn’t seem to have a problem with that”

    “You know how I feel about you Tina” Iris says as Tina let’s go of her hand and stands up

    “That just complicates everything Iris”

    “The only thing complicating this between you and me is her”

    Tina balls her hands into fists by her side

    “Don’t you fucking dare bring her into this”

    Iris stands up facing Tina

    “Why not Tina?..This whole thing is about her.  It’s always been about her.  She stabbed you and left you for dead.  Why do you still care about her? Are you even going to go through with our plan?”

    “Of course I’m going through with the plan.  I owe it to your father to do this and besides I want to see her suffer the way she made me suffer”

    “Are you sure about that Tina?…Because I’m not so sure you want to see her suffer.  What was said between you that night at the club Tina?”

    “Nothing was said!…And now that you bring that up…..  How was she just there at the same club you had pestered me to go to.  Did you know she would be there Iris?” Tina accuses darting her eyes back and forth as she stares into Iris’s eyes.

    Iris goes silent…Her face trying not to hide her guilt. Knowing she had already lied to Tina since the beginning maybe it was time to come clean about something

    “Alright fine!…Yes I knew she would be there.  Father didn’t want you to know because he wanted Bette to see you and me together although it didn’t happen like that but nonetheless you did encounter her”

    Tina couldn’t believe what she was hearing

    “What the fuck Iris?  Why keep that from me?..I mean what difference would it make her seeing us together.  She wouldn’t give a shit anyway!”


    1. So Tina has a backdoor communication channel with Bette…. And yet is blown out of the water by seeing her in the restaurant with their potential new really big client. This is intrigue at its best. And Tina believes that Bette really was the one who stabbed her. Yet things are happening around her which simply do not add up… sees Bette in LA at some random bar and then at this restaurant in New York City? Random chance happenings are not that frequent. Tina is going to smell a rat soon. Tina is a pawn and she knows it. And she is going to have to decide if she truly wants to see Bette dead or alive…. fascinating story… .love to see more…

      thanks for the update…

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