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    Forced Conversation

    Michelle smiles as she rinses the plate in her hand. ”So, I forgot to mention earlier, but guess who I saw today while I was on morning duty at school?”

    Bette keeps kissing Michelle’s neck. ”Who’s that?”

    ”Your ex-wife….”

    Bette stops kissing Michelle. ”What?”

    Michelle nods as she washes another dish. ”Yep, she was in the elementary zone, so I’m assuming she was dropping Angelica off at school….”

    Bette sighs and leans against the counter, and folds her arms. ”Well…at least she has her in a fantastic school….”

    ”Yep… I guess that means I stand a chance of running into your ex at any point while I’m at work….”

    ”Well…not really. She’ll always be across the street, so it shouldn’t be too awkward….”

    ”I know I just….” Michelle shakes her head and sighs as she rinses another dish. ”Of all the schools, why mine?”

    Bette shrugs. ”Because it’s one of the top private schools in the state, Chelly….hell, we’re already making plans to send Mickey there, and he’s only two….”

    Michelle rolls her eyes. ”I know that, Bette, and how the hell did she even get Angelica in so fast?”

    ”Well, she does work in Hollywood. I’m sure she knows someone who helped her contact the right people….”

    Michelle cuts her eyes at her wife.

    Bette shrugs. ”What?” She then points to herself. ”Why are you annoyed with me right now?”

    ”I’m not… I’m just irritated by the whole situation; she pops back up out of nowhere, making things super uncomfortable for everybody…it just kinda sucks….” She then turns and looks at Bette. ”And I’m so not buying that she just happened to get a job…I smell bullshit….”

    Bette smirks. ”Why would she lie about that, Chelly?”

    Michelle stares at her wife and then drops her head. ”I don’t know…” She then looks at her watch and sighs. ”I have some papers to grade before bed….” She motions toward the dishes. “Would you mind?”

    Bette shakes her head. “Of course not…”

     “K, thanks….” Michelle pecks Bette on the lips and slowly walks out of the kitchen.

    Bette rolls up her sleeves to finish washing the dishes. She then slightly smiles, happy that Angelica is at a great school….”



    The Planet…


    A few days later, Tina and Angelica are having dinner.


    1. This is a good first step for both Tina and for Bette. Admit they both screwed up and then take steps to make it right for the children. Agreeing that Bette is Angie’s other mother is huge. I just wonder how Michelle and Dani are going to react to this new situation. Something tells me that neither of the two current love interest are going to be very happy about the exes having any kind of relationship. But as the old saying goes: Never make a mother choose between her child and someone else. The someone else will loose every time.

      Thanks for this chapter. Anxious to see what happens…

    2. Every morning when i wake up, i refresh this site to check if there’s a new update of of this revised version of my favorite tibetter story.

      Yes, Tina, take your win for the day. You’ll win Shane soon!

    3. Such an intriguing story . . . so many paths to explore.
      1. I like Michelle. She knew tat at some point their path would cross with T I N A. I think for her Tina could be called “Joline” from Dolly Parton’s song . . .

      2. I’ wondering if LiL Ange will innocently mention Dani at the upcoming “family” night. Which would b welcomed news for Michelle . . . but prolly not for Bette.

      Oooohh baby this is gonna be interesting!!

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