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    Forced Conversation

    Tina eats a bite of her salad as she watches her daughter happily eat a plate of chicken nuggets. She smiles and raises her brows when Angie picks up her juice and takes a long swig. ”Remember, when you’re done with the juice, it’s water from here on out….”

    Angie pouts and slides her juice away for the time being.  Tina giggles and then looks up when Dana sits across the table.

    Dana points to Tina. ”What happened to you at the Family dinner last week?”

    Tina winces at Dana’s question. ”Dane, I’m sorry, but Bette and I had a pretty intense encounter a few days prior, and I didn’t think it would’ve been appropriate or comfortable for me just to show up….”

    Dana shakes her head. ”You know how many fights the gang has had, but we still show up, Tina. I’m not delusional. I know you and Bette have shit to work out…but avoiding each other isn’t the answer. Show up, Tina….”

    Angie takes another bite of her chicken nuggets. ”You cursed. You have to put a dollar in the swear jar….”

    Dana looks down and smiles at Angelica. ”Put it on my tab, kid….”

    Angie laughs. ”You’re funny….” She then furrows her brows. ”Who are you?”

    Dana smiles and then turns and looks at Tina. ”I’m one of your mom’s best friends….at least I used to be….” Dana looks at Angelica and taps her nose. ”Aunt Dana will see you later….”

    Dana stands up and walks away.

    Angie looks at Tina and smiles. ”Aunt Dana?”

    Tina smiles and discreetly wipes her tears. ”Yeah honey…. that’s your Aunt Dana…”

    Angie smiles at the thought of having another aunt. She then looks up, and her eyes brighten when she looks toward the door. ”Bette…”

    Tina turns around and sees Bette strolling toward the bar. She watches as her ex talks to the waitress behind the bar and then heads in the direction of the restroom.

    Kit walks past, and Tina stands up and gently grabs her arm. ”Hey, um, Kit, are you super busy right now?”

    Kit smiles and shakes her head. ”Not really. I own the joint; I can unbusy myself real quick…what’s up?”

    Tina smiles sheepishly. ”Would you mind watching Angie for just a sec while I run to the restroom?”


    1. This is a good first step for both Tina and for Bette. Admit they both screwed up and then take steps to make it right for the children. Agreeing that Bette is Angie’s other mother is huge. I just wonder how Michelle and Dani are going to react to this new situation. Something tells me that neither of the two current love interest are going to be very happy about the exes having any kind of relationship. But as the old saying goes: Never make a mother choose between her child and someone else. The someone else will loose every time.

      Thanks for this chapter. Anxious to see what happens…

    2. Every morning when i wake up, i refresh this site to check if there’s a new update of of this revised version of my favorite tibetter story.

      Yes, Tina, take your win for the day. You’ll win Shane soon!

    3. Such an intriguing story . . . so many paths to explore.
      1. I like Michelle. She knew tat at some point their path would cross with T I N A. I think for her Tina could be called “Joline” from Dolly Parton’s song . . .

      2. I’ wondering if LiL Ange will innocently mention Dani at the upcoming “family” night. Which would b welcomed news for Michelle . . . but prolly not for Bette.

      Oooohh baby this is gonna be interesting!!

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