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    Get the Girl—Chapter 2: The Party

    “What about Bette?” I hear her ask and Robin and I turn to see Alyssa standing with her cup looking back and forth between us in confusion

    Oh dear God I hope she didn’t hear any of that

    “Hi Alyssa!” Robin says overly cheerful and waves.

    Very subtle there Robin.  Making a mental note to smack her later.

    “Hi Robin!” She mocks in Robins tone..God she’s so adorable

    Alyssa turns to me and smiles “Hey Tina” she says sweetly and I can feel my cheeks heat up.  Her eyes quickly look down then back up the length of my body before meeting my eyes again.  Wait?…Did she just check me out?

    “Hey Alyssa” I say back and I’m too nervous to look below her neck and do the same to her as she steps in between Robin and me lifting the ladle and pouring punch in her cup.

    Robin clears her throat…”I’m going to the bathroom a sec.  Meet you out by the pool Tina.  Later Alyssa”  she says and quickly leaves before either one of us could say anything to her

    Smooth Robin.  Leaving me alone with Alyssa. I’ll thank her later..After I smack her

    “What were you saying about Bette?” Alyssa asks turning to me.

    Think Tina think!  Fuck!!

    “Oh!…That!…Well Robin and I were talking about who would get Valedictorian.  I mean between you and Bette I don’t think you can declare just one.  We might have co valedictorians” I say grabbing a cup off the table filling it with punch. I quickly take a gulp wishing it was spiked.

    Alyssa nods seemingly satisfied with my answer.  “Oh…..ok then ” she answers sounding a little down

    “Hey what’s wrong?” I ask her and she looks at me with her beautiful blue eyes.

    She hesitates and looks around like she is searching for someone then turns back to me.

    “Can you come with me for a second?” She asks holding out her hand for me to take

    Oh shit…Oh shit… Oh shit

    “I mean if you would..Please?” She asks with a pleading look and I instantly forget my nervousness. I place my hand in hers and it’s so soft like I had imagined.  “Thank you” she says and pulls me with her.  My mind can’t get over the fact that I’m holding my crush’s hand and she is leading just us somewhere .  I also can’t help but think about how I felt nothing when my hand slipped into hers. No spark or jolt of electricity like I felt when I shook hands with Bette.  Maybe Porter is just electrically charged I reason and I chuckle to myself at the thought


    1. Love this story! A great ending to this chapter…I hated to see it end and can’t wait for the next chapter.

      Curious to see how Tina helps mend Bette’s friendship with Alyssa while Bette & Tina discover they are soulmates.

    2. Such a great story! Thank you for explaining some of the questions I asked in the previous chapter!

      I am curious about how Tina is going to mend the friendship between Bette and Alyssa. Why is Bette holding back to connect again with her best friend?

      The ring, maybe Tina and Bette are fighting their feelings at first and for awhile but at the end they are soulmates.

      Looking forward to read the next chapter!

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