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    Get the Girl—Chapter 2: The Party

    But first I whip out my phone opening my contacts and send a message


    Robin and I arrive at Lance’s home.  I mean you can’t really say it’s just a regular home because it’s more like a freaking mansion.  Seriously…It’s like something out of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.  Lance’s Dad is the District Attorney here in Langley so there won’t be any reckless behavior of unruly teens. Nonetheless Lance’s parties are fun and most everyone in our class comes to them. Even Bette….Well she did before she left but since she’s been back she only shows up at school.  Come to think of it she doesn’t go to any of the school events or parties like this anymore.  It’s just school.

    I feel a tugging at my arm as I’m dragged over to the punch bowl

    “Oh Tina look!  Mrs Butler’s famous punch!” Robin squeals in delight holding on to my arm

    I can’t help but chuckle at her  “Robin that’s just Hawaiian Punch and if you don’t let go of my arm they are going to think we are a couple” I snicker and feel my arm being quickly released. I knew that would do it

    “That’s so gross..You are like my sister” she shutters in thought  “And I am straight!”

    “So is spaghetti before it’s wet” I say and she gasps.  “And…I do recall you saying earlier that if you were gay you would tap this” I smirk at her and gesture toward my body.

    “C’mon you know that was a joke…Besides you know I love Anthony”. She’s says and I do have to agree with that.  They have been together since we were Freshmen and he was a Sophomore.  He is at State this semester so they don’t get to see each other as much.

    “Besides…the only woman you want in your pants is Alyssa Martin” Robin states  rather loudly and I cover her mouth with my hand.  I don’t know why.. I guess to keep her from saying anything else

    “Shut up!…Not so loud?” I hiss at her and she pulls my hand away from her mouth slinging it away

    “Or….maybe Bette Porter?” she smirks and I gasp at that moving to cover her mouth again but I am interrupted by a familiar voice before I can complete my task


    1. Love this story! A great ending to this chapter…I hated to see it end and can’t wait for the next chapter.

      Curious to see how Tina helps mend Bette’s friendship with Alyssa while Bette & Tina discover they are soulmates.

    2. Such a great story! Thank you for explaining some of the questions I asked in the previous chapter!

      I am curious about how Tina is going to mend the friendship between Bette and Alyssa. Why is Bette holding back to connect again with her best friend?

      The ring, maybe Tina and Bette are fighting their feelings at first and for awhile but at the end they are soulmates.

      Looking forward to read the next chapter!

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