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    I Will Not Let You Fall

    She would wait, Tina concluded. She had no other choice. Somehow, she had a feeling that Bette would get in touch eventually. If not, then…then it would be a sign that Bette had moved on, and that they were, indeed, very over.

    Tina parked her car in front of her parents’ house and got out. Walking through the gate, she realized her utter unwillingness to come inside and socialize with her family, even with Brenda. She was exhausted and all she wanted was a good night of sleep in her bed. Climbing up the steps, she stopped at the porch railing and took a breath.

    She heard the front door open and turned around. Steve came out, smiling at her gently.

    ”Hey, sis,” he said and enveloped her in a hug.

    ”Hi, Stevie. I’ve missed you.”

    ”We don’t see each other lately, do we?”

    ”Damn job is always standing in the way,” Tina smiled up at her brother.

    ”For sure. How’re you holding up? You look tired,” Steve said. ”Hollyweird sucked the last drop of life out of ya yet?”

    Tina chuckled at Steve’s usual display of hostility towards show business. ”I’m fine. Just had a hard day in the office.”

    ”You can relax, sis. It’s over now,” the man smiled and hugged Tina around her shoulders. ”Come on in, mom has the table set already. Brenda is telling entertaining stories as usual.”

    ”Jesus,” Tina laughed, shaking her head. ”She’s full of them.”

    ”Mom and dad adore her.”

    ”Yeah…” Tina nodded, falling deep in thought abruptly.

    ”Hey,” Steve called softly. ”Something else troubling you beside the work?”

    The blonde pursed her lips. ”Can I tell you something?”

    ”Of course you can.”

    ”Promise not to tell anybody.”

    Steve mocked offense. ”You know me, sis.”

    Tina’s mind reeled. She knew she could trust her brother. She kept in mind that he had always supported her, had never judged her, so she spoke up quietly, ”I ran into Bette a few weeks ago.”

    Steve frowned. ”Bette Porter? She got out of prison?”

    Tina nodded and looked up to meet her brother’s alarmed gaze. She suddenly felt emotions rise up in her, having gotten it all out of her system by finally talking to someone. She swallowed and let out a shaky breath.


    1. Zhenya says

      Great to see another chapter from you, thanks!

      Ok, so Tina has long-term girl (thanks god she’s not Helena), but she’s not in love in her. It’s good. What’s not so good that her parents obviously like her girlfriend. And what’s bad – how Bette was cold during their meeting and how quickly she left. I just hope Bette will agree for next meeting with Tina.

      So, waiting for the next!

    2. proteonomics says

      Hi Valerie

      Thank you for this wonderful chapter.

      Wow, it was very easy to vanish the ten years of separation between them; after trying to move on and make their lives with other people, just one encounter and their hidden feelings came back, it couldn’t be different, their love was very intense, a love forever.

      But if their love and life together ten years ago was hard due to Bette’s criminal life, and Tina’s fears and family situation; to pick up the pieces and glue them together now, won’t be easy.

      Thanks, Valerie for this wonderful and interesting story and please post soon.


    3. Silentreader says

      caught me by surprise seeing the update of my fav story….
      but frankly 13 pages is not enough…lol… please update really soon.. can’t wait to see what will tina do to get back to bette’s life once again.. :-D
      by the way…thank you so much for keeping the story.. :-)

    4. MalisMom says

      Thank goodness, Helena is gone. I’m glad Sam is just friends with Tina. I don’t think I would have been able to stomach them together. LOL. Bette seems a lot more sexier, with her more bruting and mysterious self. I’m siding with Bette right now. Thank you so much for the update. I’ve been looking multiple times a day, since your last update.

    5. BnTinmyhead says

      Geez so heart wrenching. Tina seems on the out side to have moved on with her life but on the inside she’s a mess..Shes still living the next day ten years back when Bette told her to never come back…nothing has changed for her. Bette was in a bad place when she said it but she really didn’t mean it. She just didn’t want to hurt Tina or bring shame to her by being in that place. She loved her enough to let her go. The love is still there now if they can just get out of their own way and talk., they will find their love again. Thank you very much enjoying your story.

    6. majicspider60 says

      Wow, what a meeting! The tension is palpable from the page. I”m glad Tina kept in touch with Mrs. Carol and kept the property taxes paid. Now, how do they reconnect? Brenda is doomed to lose Tina. What an emotional ride? Keep posting and we will keep reading !

    7. Bibi28 says

      Oh wow Valerie, what a incredible good chapter!

      Most of the others already comment and said it all.

      Poor Tina, still so in love with Bette and then receiving such a coldness from Bette. But Bette is protecting her heart.

      Let their journey back together begin!

      Thanks for the update!

    8. Ycdany says

      Am I too greedy to longing for your other story while I am so attracted with this one? You are a fantastic writer, I am thrilled wtih either story you would serve us, thanks for the awsome chapter!

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