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    Music Is My Savior

    After blessedly putting the tired baby to sleep for the night, Bette and Tina sat in the dim living room as they quietly shared a carton of leftover Chinese food. They reveled in the comfortable silence and even exchanged sweet smiles here and there.

    Tina remembered watching as Bette ate her food, admiring the woman she had changed into. She was more at ease and didn’t seem to be as obsessed with being in control as Tina knew her to be. She appeared happier than Tina had seen her in such a long time and the blonde couldn’t help but find her all the more beautiful for it.

    It was the moment that Tina realized how much she had truly missed her wife, not that she ever admitted it out loud.

    “Ta da!”

    Angie’s excited voice pulled Tina from her reverie as she blinked to focus on her six year old. There beside Alice stood her smiling daughter with her arms outstretched, proudly dressed in her Cinderella princess dress.

    Tina immediately placed her bowl on the coffee table in front of her and held her arms out for her daughter, smiling widely as she waved her over. “Angie! You look so beautiful, come here!”

    As Angie walked over, Tina noticed her blue Mickey Mouse ears were slightly crooked and she couldn’t help but chuckle.

    “See what happens when you dress yourself?” She teased as she adjusted the headband on her daughter’s head, “Your ears are crooked”

    “But momma” Angie whined even as she let her mother correct her headgear, “I don’t need you to dress me anymore. I’m a big kid, ‘member?”

    “Don’t remind me” Tina replied with a playful roll of her eyes, a smile still present on her face. She pulled back to admire her beautiful daughter. “You’re going to have a blast today. You ready to go?”

    “Born ready” Angie squealed as she looked over her shoulder to Alice, “Right auntie Alice?”

    Alice offered a thumbs up and a wink to the excited Angie, “That’s right, kid”

    “Okay” Tina breathed as she hugged and placed a kiss on her daughter’s cheek before spinning her around and patting her butt. “Off you go”

    “Bye momma” Angie turned to wave happily at her mother as she and Alice walked to the door, “We’ll get you something nice form Disney”


    1. Wow!!!

      That was a really hot one off!!!

      Feel free to post anytime you have inspiration!!!

      I really loved and you ended it with a big chuckle from me at Alice’s words at the end!!!

    2. I’am very glad that you continue this serie. I like all the stories in it.

      But if you ask me – which storie from this serie i love the most – my choise would be “Stay”

      Waiting for your next storie!

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