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    Music Is My Savior

    Her relationship with her wife had crumbled nearly a year earlier which turned the months that followed into an irresistible push me, pull me scenario that become both intoxicating and unhealthy. They chose to remain living under the same roof in an effort to give their daughter some semblance of a normal life, maintaining a civil relationship for their daughter before realizing the decision for what it was: a bad one.

    As much as they loved each other, their passions and stubbornness to see eye to eye ended up doing more harm than good.

    It wasn’t until Tina gathered the strength to move out of the house she had shared with her wife of ten years that things between them had begun to take a healthier path. They regarded one another with more respect than before, seeing one another in a much different light.

    Both of their personalities had changed for the better and Tina would be lying if she denied wanting to rekindle things with her wife as of late.

    “Deny it all you want” Alice said as she caught the pillow before throwing it at the blonde’s feet to avoid spilling the bowl of cereal in Tina’s hands. “But you know I’m right. That’s why you haven’t filed for divorce yet. You’re still holding a flame for Mrs. Porter-Kennard”

    Tina rolled her eyes as she brought a spoon full of cereal and milk to her mouth, hoping that her outer features didn’t give away her innermost feelings. “You’re insane”

    “You said that already” Alice smirked, pleased with herself.

    As Tina chewed the contents in her very full mouth, thoughts of Bette filled her mind. The beautiful image of her wife graced her memory, particularly how Bette looked just a week prior during a very intimate moment between them.

    It was probably one of the most important nights of Bette’s life and Angie had unfortunately come down with a cold. Tina had chosen to forgo attending the exclusive event, texting Bette her apologies, well wishes and the reason why she wouldn’t be there. She hadn’t expected the brunette to show up at her house no more than an hour later but sure enough, Bette was there.

    Rather than attend the event she had spent months planning and in turn advancing her career, Bette opted instead to spend the night with Tina taking care of a sick Angie.


    1. Wow!!!

      That was a really hot one off!!!

      Feel free to post anytime you have inspiration!!!

      I really loved and you ended it with a big chuckle from me at Alice’s words at the end!!!

    2. I’am very glad that you continue this serie. I like all the stories in it.

      But if you ask me – which storie from this serie i love the most – my choise would be “Stay”

      Waiting for your next storie!

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