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    She will be loved

    “Yes…” Bette replied slightly confused at Tina´s question.


    “Who would have thought we actually live in the same building?” Tina was  growing in amusement, not because of the situation because it really wasn’t all  that funny, but she was happy… unexplainably happy to learn that tiny and yet  important piece of information about Bette. 

    “Really?” Bette was more than surprised. “What floor?” She was feeling lucky all  of the sudden. 

    “Fourth… you?” 

    “Third.” Bette said turning her whole face into another huge smile. 

    “Well… should we?” The blonde shyly invited that amazing creature she had just met to accompany her inside their residence.


    And so they went up, not able to stop the smiles that were plastered on each other’s faces until Bette reached her floor at least. 

    A beautiful redhead with amazing blue eyes was sitting in the last steps of the  stairs to the third floor. 

    “Oh shit…” Was all Bette could manage to say between her teeth when she saw the mysterious girl getting up and throwing herself at her. 

    “Bette? Where the hell have you been? I’ve been so worried all day… I  couldn’t get in touch with you… and… oh baby… don’t do this to me ok? I’ve missed  you…” The mysterious woman immediately went for Bette’s lips trying to capture the sides of Bette’s face into her hands. 

    Bette was caught off balance and completely by surprise into a kiss she did not want to share and  especially not in front of Tina. For some reason it mattered to her, it mattered what Tina may think of that situation. 

    I have got to stop sleeping with psychos… Was all that was going through Bette’s head while she tried to get away from that grip. 

    “What the fuck?” Bette said after succeeding at was she was doing. 


    “Beeette? Baby? What’s wrong? It’s me…” the beautiful woman said with a  confused expression in her face. 

    But Bette was looking even more disoriented, trying superbly hard to remember this woman’s name. Was it Susan? Stephanie? Silvia?… shit, shit, shit… focus Porter…  again… when did I sleep with her? Fuck… 

    “Drew… the name is Drew… YOU DON’T EVEN REMEMBER MY NAME??????”  The redhead added in a very loud tone of voice. 

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    1. Bette and Tina are being typical college students. Relationships generally at that age are rather fluid…. here today and over tomorrow. But every once in awhile, you meet someone who really gets your attention. This is actually an interesting story about the meeting of Bette and Tina for the first time….. keep it coming.

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