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    She will be loved


    “Ok then… I think I’m gonna….” Tina started pointing her finger up towards the  stairs. 

    “Oh no… no no no no… just hold on one sec ok?” Bette didn’t want to seem too  desperate for their sake but she didn’t want the perfect day with that blonde to end on that note. 

    “Drew? Sweetie? Do you think you could… maybe wait  for me in my room…” Drew didn’t seem so into the idea, her face starting to turn as red as her hair again, this not going unnoticed by Bette. “I just need… to… ahh… give Tina here…” Bette was stammering again.  

    “The names of those two books you thought we should use for our Art  Appreciation project… God! I need to get them from the library tomorrow morning ASAP…” Came the voice of the blonde standing slightly behind her, trying to sound as innocent as possible. 

    At that time Bette’s lungs filled with air again. 

    Once Bette had gotten Drew inside her room, she quickly made it back to see if  Tina was still there and to try and apologize for such an ending to their amazing day. 

    “I am soooo… so sorry… for… that… thing… anyway…” Bette said almost  whispering, happy that Tina was still standing there and that she had come to  her rescue like she did. Bette was still surprised about that actually. 

    Tina could not hold it anymore so she started laughing at Bette. 

    “Oh… so you think it’s funny ah?” Bette was starting to laugh as well, for the whole situation was extremely surreal to her.  

    “Well… you’ve gotta give it to the girl…” Tina kept on laughing. 


    “Ok… ok… I deserve it but for the record… I did not think she was thaaat  crazy” Bette said, still growing in amusement. 

    “Oh so you mean that you had noticed something weird about her at some  point…” Tina continued to laugh at Bette’s expression, for it was absolutely priceless. 

    “Ok… ok… this is not fun anymore…” Bette was trying hard to sound normal but still she was failing at it. 

    “Bette?” Drew said standing at the door of Bette’s room. 

    Bette’s smile disappeared as she heard the girl’s voice, while Tina’s was still plastered in her face, and it would be there for quite some time. 

    “Rrrright… just one more sec dear…” Bette said turning around quickly trying to look innocent and covering Tina with her silhouette. “My pen wasn’t  working…” She massively lied. 

    She then turned to face Tina again who was simply losing it. The other girl disappeared  into her room once more.


    “This… this thing… this laughing you are doing right now… will have  consequences… but I do have to go… meet me tomorrow morning for coffee?”  Bette said trying to look dangerous and Tina was certainly not buying it. 


    “Besides… I really need someone to go to the police and tell them to come looking for me, in case I don’t show up” The brunette quickly added looking rather defeated. 

    “Ok… I have an early class but I should be free at… let’s say… ten thirty?” 

    “I’ll be at the cafeteria at ten thirty… I hope…” Bette said, trying to look scared. 

    “Ok… and Bette?… You owe me…” Tina was giggling again. 


    “Oh shut up!” Bette responded with a small chuckle, turning around and heading for her dorm.

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    1. Bette and Tina are being typical college students. Relationships generally at that age are rather fluid…. here today and over tomorrow. But every once in awhile, you meet someone who really gets your attention. This is actually an interesting story about the meeting of Bette and Tina for the first time….. keep it coming.

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